Natural Styles for the Office

5 Natural Styles for the Office

As naturals, we know that styling our hair day to day can be a gamble. Sometimes we have days where our curls cooperate and other times we have days when our hair just won’t let us be great. When it comes to getting ready for the office, we want our hair to make us look and feel naturally put together. Here’s a list of our favorite easy natural hairstyles for the office using our Heat Free Hair extensions:

1.High Puff


This high puff is a perfect hairstyle for naturals that takes no time to complete. Slick your hair up into a high top knot bun. Before attaching your kinky curly drawstring ponytail, fluff it to your heart’s content. After achieving your desired volume, attach the drawstring ponytail, and secure your style with a few bobby pins!

 2. Loose Waves



This look is for creative maven. These curls flow free like the ideas you bring to the table. Wash and install the For Koils or For Kurls wefted hair. Stretch the hair by blow drying and curl wanding. Finger comb through each section for added volume. You’ll be left with free-flowing, voluminous curls!

 3. Workplace Bun


Take your office style up a notch with this elegant workplace bun. You can achieve this style by braiding your hair into a halo braid and tying the ends into a low bun. After detangling your drawstring ponytail, braid it. Attach the braided ponytail and wrap it around to create a full textured bun. After securing it with a bobby pin, you’re all good to go! This is a quick and easy way to elevate your look without interrupting your workflow.     

 4. Flat Twist Crown


For those of you who love length but want your curls out of the way, this is look is for you! This sophisticated style puts it all behind you so you can take on your busy schedule. Part your wefted hair extensions so half is up and half is down. Take the half that is up and create two flat twists around the crown of your head. Pin them down for security and just like that, you are ready for the day!


5. Half Halo Braid



This style is a great alternative to the Flat Twist Crown. You can easily recreate this style by using our Blowout Collection clip-ins. If you’re looking to beat the mid-week slump, just pop in these clip-ins so you can look and feel good! After blowing out your hair,  part your hair in half and create two braids on the parameter of your crown. Snap-in our  20” Blowout clip-ins until you achieve your desired volume and you’re all good to go!   





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