Curls are complicated. We’re getting them together …


It’s more than just hair.

It’s about how we feel when we look in the mirror. Great hair can change our entire outlook on the day, and on ourselves. We do what we do because we agree that every day should be optimistic, beautiful and feel like ours.

“Natural” knows no limitations.

We believe that enhancing what we already have doesn’t mean departing from being “natural.” In our minds, the natural movement knows no limitations. From coily bob’s to kinky heart shapes to our own version of straight - the diverse beauty of everything “natural” can mean is beyond barrier.

It’s made to last.

Our hair manufacturing process is uncompromised. It’s tried and true and something we’ll never sacrifice on for any kind of gain. We know the difference between a “quick fix” and a transformative product made with integrity. Heat Free Hair’s #1 priority is to offer you quality hair that feels real, but also really lasts.

We own it.

We own the factory that makes Heat Free Hair. In fact, we’re the creative directors of the entire operation - from sourcing the right kind of hair and texture matching, to coloring and customizing the cuts that work for us. Essentially, we can create anything we want to offer you everything you need.

We’re just like you.

When we look in the mirror, we see not just ourselves, but the women who also want what we want. We understand the journey to look beautiful, because we live it everyday. We’re a small group of natural beauty enthusiasts who look just like you. That’s how we know what to create to meet you where you are in your hair journey - because we’re at that same place, too.

We run on passion AND perfectionism.

We’re passionate about our company’s dreams and goals, and will not stop until they become a reality. We know that Heat Free Hair is bigger than us, which is why we’re committed to perfecting the transformative experiences, support, community & resources that allows you to become your most beautiful self.

We believe in reciprocity.

We believe in treating our customers the same way we like (strike through “like”) LOVE to be treated when it comes to our hair. After all, YOU are our greatest inspiration. You’ve invested in us and we promise to invest in you at every step along your hair journey through superior customer service that feels as real and authentic as our hair.

It’s still you - just more beautiful.

You can feel like yourself and have others believe the same, even with hair extensions. With natural textures created exclusively to match your hair pattern and your unique style, you’ll still look like you - just more beautiful.

You can look gorgeous in the process.

There’s nothing wrong with being a little vain with your looks. Because just like the rest of your life is put together, you want your hair to be, too. Regardless of what’s happening “underneath” or in real life, you can still look gorgeous in the process of whatever hair transition you’re in with Heat Free Hair natural hair extensions.

Evolution is okay.

We’re all constantly evolving. Every now and again, we want to switch it up. Try a new look. Undergo another transition. That’s why our team works tirelessly to innovate at the speed you decide you want something new. Because just like our beauty, our hair and what we want in it is always evolving. And that’s okay.