Natural Hair Clip-ins and Extensions For Natural hair

The Beginning

We never just believed in the hair. We believed in the journey also.
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Five years ago, “going natural” meant everything but adding hair extensions to your regime. It seemed like a departure from the greater community of women then proudly embracing their coils, curls and kinks as tomorrow’s version of “beautiful.”
That’s how it seemed, until we met women like us - women who knew that they could still join the natural movement, even if their natural beauty was enhanced. Like us, they wanted to look gorgeous in the process of whatever transition they were in - whether it had to do with their hair, their career, or even their relationship. We agreed to believe that natural hair extensions could make a woman still look and feel like herself, just more beautiful. We agreed that the actual journey to a new look was something beautiful, too.
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In 2012, Heat Free Hair Was Born.

Ngozi Opara believed that the uniqueness and versatility of natural textures was something that couldn’t be explained from afar. And that hair extensions for such a diverse group of beautiful textures couldn’t be created by anybody - at least not correctly. So in 2012, our founder moved to China to study the entire hair manufacturing process, from start to finish. One year later, we opened the Heat Free Hair Factory, an exclusive factory that would produce only the authentic textures known to Heat Free Hair extensions.
Together with over 50 factory employees, we created a company that today provides women with high quality and transformative hair styling options in the form of wefted hair, closures, wigs and clip-in extensions. Our handmade crafting process guarantees a perfect match for natural hair textures ranging from 3B to 4C. The entire Heat Free Hair collection is made of 100% virgin hair that can be cut, colored and styled as if it were your own. That’s exactly how we want you to treat it and exactly how we want you to feel wearing it - like yourself.

It’s About How You Feel, Not Just How You Look.

It’s no secret that hair changes not just how we look, but also how we feel. We’re honored to have played a part in enhancing the natural beauty of women around the world at different life stages. Together with our customers, we’ve celebrated the beauty of breast cancer survivors, brides-to-be, individuals suffering from alopecia, multitasking mothers, and every woman in between who, like you and me, wants to feel good in a look that really looks like her.