It all started with

women like you.

As the natural hair movement started to gain traction ten years ago, my client began expressing a desire to embrace their texture. For the first time in our culture, the curls and the kinks we were born with was seen as something beautiful. I wanted to create a way for women to transition using protective styles that didn't require heat or chemical processing. I envisioned a collection with the perfect match for any and every natural texture - one that would celebrate, not conceal, our unique beauty. In 2012, Heat Free Hair was born.

Today, over half a million women around the world have revealed the versatility in all that it means to be natural.

Through all that we do as brand,

our promise is to always champion

the boundless beauty in that expression.

Ngozi Opara

Ngozi Opara, The CEO & Founder, Heat Free Hair

What we believe

Being natural is more than a movement -

it's a lifestyle.

Beauty isn't one dimensional.


Perfection is attainable


Texture like ours is timeless .


Our journey

Since 2012, we've shared this journey with natural hair extension wearers around the world.

Together, we’ve celebrated the beauty of breast cancer survivors, brides-to-be, individuals living with alopecia, multitasking mothers, celebrities, professional athletes and every woman in between who’s ever wanted to embrace her natural texture.


Women around the world who've shared our journey.


Natural styles to choose from since our founding in 2012


Satisfied customers who see themeselves never before

How we manufacture

We uphold



Knowing where your hair comes from is just as important to us as it is to you. That’s why we own the factory that creates our signature textures. From our honest and fair donor collection process to our multi-step filtration methods, we ensure our products are made the right way.

We approach the creation of every new style with the highest degree of integrity. Since our inception, no strand of hair has been damaged or compromised by chemical processing. Ethical sourcing, ethical manufacturing, and equitable pay are all cornerstones of our operations.

Meet our team

Black-owned & Operated,


The Black women behind Heat Free Hair are natural, just like you.
We believe you deserve to achieve the perfect look and will stop at nothing to give it to you.

Every day, our team comes to work/with one mission in mind:

To make women who LOOK like us feel as beautiful as we know they are.

by creating natural textures signature to our natural hair, we're affirming our own kind of beauty

Brittney S.

Director of Operation, Heat Free Hair

Setting the standard in

natural extensions

9 years in a row.