Hair extensions have a mind of their own.

They may look like they did, but your extensions didn’t grow out of your head

They may look like they did, but your extensions didn’t grow out of your head. That means they aren’t benefiting from the nutrients you put into your body. It also means that the products you use on your natural hair probably won’t be sufficient for your extensions.

Hair extensions have a mind—and tendencies—of their own. The solutions you use to prevent daily tangling, shedding, and matting with your real hair aren’t equal to the solutions needed to revive your extensions. Even when it seems to make sense, the wrong products can cause breakage, more intense matting, dullness, and even molding. Using tailored care specifically formulated for extensions is the key to their longevity.



One size never
really fits all.

Straight hair and kinky hair are NOT the same, but you already knew that.

Every texture must be treated uniquely to bring out the best in what it has to offer. The same is true for extensions. A one-size-fits-all approach to haircare can be just as damaging to extensions as it is to your natural hair. The best way to extend the life and beautiful look of your blow-out, curls, waves, or kinks is to take a texture-tailored approach. Regardless of where you purchased your extensions, its texture has specific cleansing, conditioning, styling, and finishing needs. Meeting those needs with the right care solutions gives you the healthy-looking hair you want—every time you want it.



Making it last
takes TWO (steps).

Step 1: Get good extensions.

Step 2: Get good extensions care.

You have a routine for everything else in your life. Why leave your extensions out? If you want hair (and endless compliments) that last, then protecting your investment with good extensions care is the natural next step after getting good extensions.

After all, the perfect blow-out doesn’t keep itself up, neither do fresh curls or beautifully-defined kinks and coils. No matter the texture, weather, or how often you wear your extensions, preserving them requires maintenance. Much like your natural hair, extensions must be cleansed, conditioned, and properly styled with the right products to keep them healthy.

With regular care, you can minimize tangling, matting, and shedding to make your hair extensions last for as long as you need them to.

3 Texture-tailored Kits. 1 Multitasking Brush.

total hair transformation.