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Clip In Hair Extensions for Black Hair

Hair extensions have always provided women a flexible way to experiment with new hairstyles and achieve lengths and volume whenever they want. But experimenting with natural hair extensions for women with textured hair hasn´t always been as easy or seamless. A key reason being finding the perfect texture match is not an easy task, especially with natural, human hair extensions.

That all changed ten years ago, when our founder Ngozi Opara Sea pioneered the first 100% raw virgin hair extensions for women with textured hair, at the height of the natural hair movement.

Today, we specialize in all kinds of extensions for natural hair, covering a wide range of textures from 3B to 4C. This includes our clip ins for African American hair. Read More

What are Clip Ins?

Clip ins are the perfect extensions for those who don’t want permanent extensions and who might not be very experienced with wearing extensions. Clip Ins are usually worn using an attachment method that involves small, pressure-sensitive clips on wefts of hair, which you easily attach to your own hair. This means you don’t need to go to a salon and get help from a professional to have these kinds of extensions put in, and you also don’t need any professional tools. They can be attached in as little as 5-10 minutes once you get the hang of it, and they won’t damage your hair like glue or other extension attachment methods might. However, clip-ins are very temporary and you need to take them out before you go to sleep. This can be an advantage or disadvantage depending on how you look at it. It makes them perfect for temporary hairstyles or trying out something new to see if you like it, but unsuitable if you’re looking for something more permanent that you can leave in all the time and wear every day. That being said, clip in human hair extensions are easy to maintain and have a long lifespan, which also makes them affordable, since they don’t need to be replaced often.

Why Buy Clip Ins for African American Hair at Heat Free Hair

If you have African American Hair looking for clip ins, we are your best option. You’ll be able to find clip in extensions that suit all natural hair textures. No matter how kinky, curly or coilyyour texture is, our black clip in hair extensions come in five different textures that will perfectly match yours.

All of these are available in various lengths to allow you to create different styles. Also, all our hair extensions are made from 100% real human virgin hair. This means they’re higher quality, more durable, feel more natural and look more natural than synthetic hair, and you can depend on them to last a long time. They’ll also be indistinguishable from your natural hair because of our unmatched texture-tailor blending. And, you can always rest assured that our hair is ethically sourced and manufactured, as we maintain full transparency about our manufacturing process.

Get the Clip In Hair Quality You Deserve

Black women all over the world have chosen Heat Free Hair for our clip in extensions for African American hair, and for good reason. You deserve hair extensions that fit your natural texture seamlessly and that make you feel beautiful and confident. With worldwide shipping, you can enjoy our products wherever you are in the world. Discover our range from kinky straight clip in hair extensions to 3c hair externsions and order your perfect match of hair extension online today.

What Are Curly Clip-Ins - And How Can They Change Your Life?

Keeping ourselves looking and feeling fabulous means celebrating and embracing our natural texture in different ways while maintaining the integrity of our God-given texture. 

And the secret is extending our styling possibilities with perfectly texture-matched hair extensions.

Some require some effort and commitment to maintain, whilst others are a clip-in-and-go type deal. They take seconds to install but instantly give you all the luxurious feels. 

Our curly clip-ins come in all textures, lengths, and bundles. We have the perfect texture match for natural 3a hair to 4c hair. You can find curly clip-in human hair extensions that look and match seamlessly to your natural hair. Choosing the right texture with a premium grade extension is key to creating a seamless blend - exactly what you want when you’re keeping the source of your glamor look a secret.

Clip-ins take a second to learn, but with a small amount of practice, you can clip them into your natural hair easily. One of the main benefits is variety! Add them when your look calls for a little extra something - and take them out at the end of the day. You're not tied in, so you can choose when to wear them. You can choose different styles for different moods, or you can pair them with other products - such as the Swiss HD Lace Closure - to create an entirely unique look. 

If you love your natural look but want to add some oomph to your look for a special occasion, clip-ins are the perfect solution. They're a must-have accessory - sometimes a little boost of volume and curl is exactly what the day calls for!

In-Demand Curly Clip-Ins with Heat Free Hair

Heat Free Hair is the innovative leader in premium hair extensions and extension care products. We focus our efforts on making hair extensions and wigs for women who have natural textured hair. No matter your curl type, we believe you deserve premium hair products that both enhance and protect your beautiful natural hair and offer a wide range of products from curly clip ins, weaves and human hair clip in extensions to ponytail extensions

Made from 100% virgin human hair, all products are free from damage and chemical processing to ensure you have the highest quality that blends with your natural hair, and lasts for endless styling. 

To maintain the integrity of your clip-ins, we recommend removing curly clip-in human hair extensions before bed. This stops the hair from becoming frizzy and tangled, making the extensions much easier to maintain for a longer time.

Washing the extensions with shampoo and conditioner that’s uniquely formulated for natural hair extensions is the best way to maintain the shine, texture, longevity. Using shampoo designed for natural hair doesn’t give enough attention to the specific needs of extension hair, but by following our recommended hair care instructions with the right formulated products, your extensions will look brand new wear after wear.

Order Your Curly Clip-Ins Today

Once you've discovered your hair texture type (we can help using this interactive quiz) it's time to find the curly clip-ins that are right for you. If you're going for a natural and subtle look, 2 bundles should give you the little volume boost you're looking for. If you want a more dramatic style, with plenty of hair for a creative showstopper, then you may need at least 3 bundles to achieve your dream look.

Heat Free Hair is here to offer guidance and answer any questions before you make your final decision. If we can help at all, please reach out and let us know.

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