Rachel Ponder

Rachel Ponder

Who I am and what “I do.”

Who am I? I am that girl going super hard in the group fitness class and hyping everyone up to do the same. My name is Rachel. I went natural in 2007 and for the entirety of me being natural, women would come up to me and would ask about the hair products I used to achieve certain looks. People would also assume that I was a trainer because of how much I liked to work out. So I would invite them to work out with me or to join me for different workout classes around Atlanta. I love to make people feel good. That’s where the idea for my brand “RachelsCurlyFit” came from. I thought, “Well why not turn this into a life long thing! Why not do something I love and get paid for it.” I am an actor and was experiencing a bit of a slow pilot season in 2018, so I officially launched my brand in February to keep my creativity flowing. I connected with a photographer and we would just go out and shoot around Atlanta.

 My personality.

I am not the life of the party, but it soul. The girl you’ll find alone in a jazz club at 3 am. Grooving in the middle of the room all by herself. I am bold as a lion and as quiet as a lamb that’s befriended the lion.


The season I'm in.

I’m in the season of growth. Last year, was the year of planting seeds. I hit the ground creating content and learning a little about photography. Figuring out the basics to blogging… This year, I’m focused on networking with people in my desired field, working with brands, launching my website, etc. I’m watering those seeds I planted in 2017/2018. I’ve always been the one to care for everyone else. I’m a nurturer. And I’m grateful that I have the ability to heal people. However, this season is about healing myself and flourishing as the Amazon Warrior I know I am.

My real hair.

My real hair is a cute heart-shaped fro’ that now touches my shoulders. If I had to be technical, I would say that I have 3c-4a hair. I have honey blonde/brown Pintura highlights. I purchased the extensions because I was going out of the country for the first time last year and wanted some length in my photos. Your girl cut her hair TWICE last year and just needed a little something extra. I couldn’t have been happier with how the wig I made turned out.

When I was introduced to Heat Free Hair

I believe I was introduced to Heat Free Hair via social media about 5 years ago. I was following a blogger by the name of Asiyami and I remember thinking, “Her hair is glorious.” A few moments later, I realized that it was a wig and I was completely shooketh. It looked so good. I had always been interested in possibly rocking a wig, but back then there weren’t many hair extension companies that catered to natural hair. Nothing that resembled my hair on day 7 of a wash and go. It was a beautiful thing to see, so I told myself that I would try out Heat Free Hair one day.


I used to think...

I used to think that wearing wigs all the time was sort of a betrayal to “being natural”. I knew it wasn’t true and, as I type, it sounds crazy that I ever thought that, but it’s how I felt. I couldn’t have been more wrong. I’ve been able to keep my natural hair in protective styling for the entirety of the fall/winter and feel good rocking my wig at work and at different networking events. It’s been a life-saver because my life is so fast-paced now and I don’t always have two to three hours to devote to styling my hair. I’m so happy that I invested in getting me some quality hair from Heat Free Hair.


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