Keep your hair extensions from matting

Two Long-Lost Secrets to Preventing Your Hair Extensions from Matting

The moment we’ve all been waiting for.

We buy extensions for a multitude of reasons. Sometimes we want to switch it up for a little while. Other times, we want to protect our hair and achieve some growth. No matter what the grounds for purchasing new bundles are, one thing’s certain: We’re looking for convenience. And, we aren’t trying to spend hours getting ready. We just want to slide the bonnet off, zhuzh it up a little, and go.

However, despite our best efforts and the amount of detangling products we use, somehow, someway, the enemy of extensions wearers always prevails: Matting.

How to Prevent Matted Hair

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Matting will have you ready to throw the entire look away. It will make you want to cuss, scream, and completely step outside of your character. The detangling process can take hours of sweat, tears, negative thoughts, and shedding. Seriously, the amount of hair one can lose when trying to comb through mats should be illegal in all 50 states, as detangling them can leave you with thin, lifeless hair — the polar opposite of what you started with. 

It’s official: The time has come for us to finally do away with the heartbreak-inducing matting for good and we’re here to make sure you’re empowered with the tools necessary to stay mat (and headache) free. These are the two crucial, life changing steps that you can take to protect your investment from its demise:

Your products are everything. Your extensions do not require the same care that your own hair does. Truth is, the products in your regular hair care routine are way too heavy for your extensions. They require lightweight, texture specific formulas if you want them to last. The heaviness of the butters, conditioners, leave-ins, and oils you’ve been applying aren’t doing anything but weighing your hair down which creates — you guessed it — mats. It’s time to ditch that routine and get one that was specifically made for extensions.

The Perfect Extensions Kits were formulated to keep your extensions, well, perfect. Each kit is tailored for your texture and your texture only, ensuring that your hair is receiving the care it needs to be everything you paid for and more. They include an ultra-clarifying shampoo that works overtime to break down any mat-inducing product buildup and residue without stripping or drying out your strands.

Heat Free Hair Perfect Extensions Kit

From there, you’ll hydrate and moisturize your hair with New Condition by Heat Free Hair, a conditioner that dramatically increases your hair’s slip, making the detangling process a dream come true. After that, depending on your texture, you’ll style your extensions with a set of lightweight products formulated to keep them moisturized, mat and stress free for as long as you want them to be.

Detangle it down. It’s time for your favorite step. Once you’ve clarified and conditioned your hair with your P.E.K. products, this part should be easy. For the most simple, stress and sweat free detangling process of your life, use the High Definition Curlbrush by Heat Free Hair. Its dual-sided design was made to work through even the smallest of knots and tangles effortlessly. When we say detangling has never been easier, we are not exaggerating.

Let it dry. A common mistake made by hair extensions wearers is failure to let the hair fully dry before pulling it back. We’ve all been guilty of it because we weren’t aware of the long term implications it can have on the lifespan of our hair. If you want to avoid mats, absolutely never, under any circumstance, put your hair in a bun, ponytail, or any style that cuts off air flow to the scalp before your roots, weft, and everything else are 1000% dry. Instead, when you’ve finished your wash day routine, part your hair down the middle and bring it forward until it’s completely dry and not a second sooner. Not only will this step prevent your hair from developing a mildewy scent, it will also keep the mats at bay. 

Remember, when it comes to extensions, keeping them fresh is as easy as ABCD: Always being completely dry. 

Matting can be avoided. All you need is good products, a good brush, and to let your hair completely dry and you’ll be on your way to a mat (and stress) free life.