For natural hair & extensions

Doing your hair shouldn't be a chore and it definitely shouldn't be a workout. Our brush takes the drama out of detangling and defining your natural hair and extensions, so you can actually enjoy styling it.

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A brush with benefits

this one does it all.


to bring out the best of your gorgeous texture.

Smoothing Edge

for keeping your look sleek and polished.

Non-slip handling

for uninterrupted styling.


in minutes. Yes, you read that right.


so you can achieve the blowout of your dreams.

Stands Up

on your bathroom counter for easy access.

Our brush should be your one and only

  • US

    • Double-sided design that meets all your detangling, defining, and smoothing needs.

    • Heavy-duty, non-slip handle that's as strong as your hair.

    • Designed to define your curls, waves of coils and work through even the smallest of tangles.

  • THEM

    • One-sided, so you'll need more than one brush to achieve your desired look.

    • Handles that slip and break under pressure. (You've got plenty of it.)

    • Designed to do the bare minimum, which is never enough for natural hair or extensions.

  • VS

Too good to be true?

Natural hair lovers and extensions wearers everywhere are proof that the High Definition Curlbrush by Heat Free Hair works.

No more arm workouts in the shower. When I say this brush CHANGED MY LIFE, I mean it. Detangling has NEVER been easier!


One multitasking brush to transform any texture, in a fraction of the time.