Unique U-Part Wig Protective Styles to Try Now

Unique U-Part Wig Protective Styles to Try Now

As the temperature drops, many of us will transition to protective styles to restore our natural texture´s true essence. It´s one of the best hair care routines we can do after the harsher temperature exposure during the summer months. But how do you maintain the full integrity of your hair during this sacred protective period without sacrificing on style? 

The answer lies in versatile protective styles that will give you countless ways to uniquely switch up your styles, with ease. And, one of the more creative protective styles we are loving right now is, the Twaid Out. 

The Twaid Out is a gorgeous blend of two of the most popular protective styles: the Braid Out and Twist Out. This style allows you to stretch your hair at the roots while maintaining a curly effect at the ends. While it may seem intricate combining the two, the Twaid Out is surprisingly achievable, especially with the right guidance, which we have you covered below! You’ll get the best of both worlds, and perfect curls for any style. 

Our Twaid Out is styled two ways with our best-selling For Koils Empress U-Part Wig. The beauty in styling with our U-Part wig lies in the effortless blend and safeguarding of your natural hair, minimizing manipulation and potential damage.

Follow this simple step-by-step guide below to discover two gorgeous ways to Twaid Out this season. 

STYLE 1: Free Flowing Spirals

twaid out

Featuring our For Koils Empress U-Part Wig


Step 1: Install U-Part Wig.

Twaid out tutorial


Step 2: Use our HD Curl Brush to detangle and braid bottom section of hair.

twaid out tutorial


Step 3: Twist the front section of hair and let set.

twaid out

Step 4: Undo twists and seal with Primestyle Multi-benefit Style Perfecter, included in our Perfect Extensions Kit for Wavy/Curly textures. 


Step 5: Unveil your bouncy, defined curls.

twaid out with u part wig


STYLE 2: Curls with a Twist

For Koils empress u part wig

Featuring our For Koils Empress U-Part Wig

Step 1: Section hair at hairline.

twaid out tutorial

Step 2: Twist front sections of hair.

twaid out tutorial

Step 3: Fluff your curls to desired volume and body.

twaid out tutorial

Step 4: Perfect curls are all yours.

for koils empress u part wig


The Twaid Out empowers you to embrace your natural texture in a unique way while enjoying the versatility of protective styles. 

Try either of these beautiful ways to style a Twaid Out or add your own personal flair by easily blending and styling with our U-Part Wigs. Shop here: 

U Part Wigs

Ease all your styling efforts with our transformative HD Curlbrush – a must-have addition to your haircare routine. Shop here:

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