How to Pick the Best Ponytail for You

How to Pick the Best Ponytail for You

There´s something about the power of simplicity thats's anything but simple. 

Enter the power of the ponytail. Pulling your curls, coils and kinks back into a sleek, stylish pony is a sure-fire way to not only keep you looking and feeling cool when the temps start to rise, a ponytail is one of the easiest ways to switch up and elevate your look. 

There are so many ways you can diversify your ponytail style depending on your mood, setting and of course your texture. To help you determine the best ponytail extension that's right for you, follow these tried and true tips from the Heat Free Hair team. 

1. Fullness - Everyday or Ultra Full? 

Our first rule of thumb is determine if you're feeling a more classic, signature style or something with a little drama and body. 

If you´re in the mood for subtle, yet dramatic everyday head-turner for any occasion, you´ll want to add on the everyday full drawstring ponytail.

everyday ponytail extension


On the other hand, if certain life moments call for a little something extra, your ponytail needs the Ultra Full Ponytail Extension for more fullness, body, and yes, the drama.

ultra full ponytail extension

2. Length 

Next, determining the length of your pony goes hand-in-hand with the overall look you're aiming for whether it´s a signature style or the all-out drama. 

Select your length of choice from three length options: 

  1. Level 1: 12”
  2. Level 2: 18” 
  3. Level 3: 24” 

3. Style Inspo 

Now it's time to have fun with your ponytail style and let your personality and style shine through. There's no one way or the right way to wear a ponytail. Scroll down to find inspiration that matches your style. 

High-Puff Ponytail 

Try it with our Our For Kurls 12" Ultra Full Drawstring Ponytail

For Kurls 12" Ultra Full drawstring ponytail


Sleek High Bun Pony

Try it with our For Kinks 12" Everyday Full Ponytail 

For Kinks Drawstring Ponytail


Twist Out Full Pony

Try it with our For Kurls 18" Ultra Full Ponytail 

For Kurls 18" ponytail extension

Classic Full Curly Pony Weave

Try it with our For Kurls 12" Ultra Full Ponytail 

For Kinks 18" ultra full ponytail extensions

Find out which ponytail style is right for you; shop here.

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