Must-Know Hair Hacks with Extensions

Must-Know Hair Hacks with Extensions

We love a good hair extension hack, especially when it allows you to reimagine the traditional way of wearing curly hair extensions to extend its styling possibilities. 

Let us show you imaginative new approaches to styling two different type of extensions: clip-ins and a u-part wig.

We know clip in hair extensions almost already seem too good to be true. But with a little creativity, you'll be surprised to see how our always-popular install method can easily transform into a flawless ponytail!  

Watch the surprisingly simple hack in 5 easy steps below. 


Hair Hack 1 with Clip Ins: Up, Up, and Your Way

hair hacks

Featuring our For Kurls 20" Clip-Ins

STEP 1: Place the center of your hair in a ponytail framed by large twists.

heat free hair clip ins 

STEP 2: Blow dry For Kurls Clip Ins to stretch and attach around your natural ponytail.

for kurls clip ins

STEP 3: Brush to blend your leave out and extensions into a ponytail.

curly hair extensions

STEP 4: Wand curl your ponytail bounce and soft definition.

curl wand clip ins

STEP 5: With a quick fluff and finishing touches, your flawless look is complete and ready to rise to any occasion.

 curl wand style


Now, on to reimagining your u-part wig...

In less than 10 steps, the easy installation of u-part wigs offers even more benefits, including versatility and protection. With our renewed approach to installing your u-part wig, you can seamlessly blend your natural hair into a fresh and flawless new style, maintaining all the beauty and protection you expect from a protective style.


Hair Hack 2 with U-Part Wig: Half-n-Half & All You

natural U-part wig

Featuring our For Koils Empress U-Part Wig


STEP 1: Section your natural hair and put half up in a ponytail.

hair hacks

STEP 2: Install your U-Part Wig

empress u part wig

 STEP 3: Wrap the wig around your ponytail.

natural u part wig

STEP 4: Add hair from the wig to your ponytail in the front.

natural u part wig

STEP 5: Conceal with leave out and secure.

hair hacks

STEP 6: Touch up your wand curls and style edges.

curl wanding style

STEP 7: Just like that, you’ve got fresh and flawless curls with an even more natural look and all your glow.

u part wig


Embracing hair hacks with extensions is like adding a secret weapon to your styling routine, giving you endless creative options to amplify your look effortlessly.

Shop our Clip In Collections here for all natural textures from 3A to 4C hair: 

heat free hair clip ins

Shop our Wig Collection for natural textures from 3B to 4C hair here: 

heat free hair wigs

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