Wedding Day Hairstyles

Bridal Ready! : 7 Natural Hairstyles for Your Wedding Day

We have all been there. That moment when you imagine what your wedding day will look like. Your dream dress, your dream venue, the silhouette of your dream groom. Amongst this dream list lies what’s considered to be the focal point of the big day: Wedding hair. For all of our naturals out there, know that all hair is bridal hair and your textures can be in the spotlight too.

Need inspiration? Here is a list of styles to show off your beautiful natural hair for the big day:


1.”The Effortless Bun”

(Pictured: For Koils 22" Wefted Hair, blown out and curl wanded)

Want a gorgeous updo that looks like it was achieved with ease? Then this is your look! Hair is clear from the front of your face and all the detail is in the back. The curl wanded hair adds dimension to this style while creating a beautiful silhouette. Pinning flowers in the hair will also add a nice touch!


2.“Half-Up, Half-Down”

(Pictured: For Kurls Clip-ins, 24”)

This look is perfect for those who love a veil. Having half of the hair pinned up allows for beautiful veil installation. Installing clip-ins to elongate your curls creates a regal effect and placing studded pins adds beautiful accents to this bridal look.


3.“The Queen’s Crown”

(Pictured: For Kurls Clip-ins, 16" and 20".)

Similar to the “Half-Up, Half-Down” look, this style is also great for veil installation. Slicking back your hair and adding clip-ins at the crown of your head will enhance your hair’s beauty. Placing a studded hair band on the crown will also add an elegant visual contrast to the look.


4. “Free-Spirited Flips”

( Pictured: For Koils Clip-ins, 16”; Blown out and Curled.)

This style is fun and reminiscent of the 70’s free spirit in all of us! The outward flipped ends add volume and flair to this look. The flower crown makes for a carefree alternative to a veil.


5.”Captivating Curls”

(Pictured: For Koils Goddess Wig, 24" 

This look is for those who love bounce and body. This blown-out and curl-wanded style takes us back to old Hollywood. Big, full curls fit for a bride!


6. “Nature’s Grace”

(Pictured:  For Koils  20” Wefted Hair )

Natural beauty at its finest! This look is all about enhancing the hair you’ve been blessed with and our “For Koils” wefted hair does just that! After installed, you can leave it as is because the curl definition makes the entire look.


7.“Wonder Waves”

 (Featured: Blowout Collection Clip-ins, 24”)

Our founder, Ngozi Opara transformed into two stunning looks on her special day using our Blowout Collection clip-ins. Both of these dream styles were achieved with curls pinned up and layered in waves. The volume and shape of these styles help make the perfect statements for the wedding and the reception!

Hope you’ve been inspired for the big day! Click here to shop these bridal looks.



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