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4 Natural Hairstyles for the Holidays

The holidays are here, which means family dinners, company gatherings, and galas. With so many occasions to attend during the holiday season, it can be a strain on your natural hair. Wearing u-part wigs that are created to match natural hair textures can be a great way to look gorgeous while also protecting your fragile strands. We’ve rounded up four super easy natural hairstyles that will keep you looking flawless at your next Holiday party.

1. Flawless Fishtail Crown


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This style is a glamorous take on the milkmaid braid. This stunning natural hairstyle can be achieved by parting your hair down the middle and creating two fishtail braids. Pin the braids around the crown of your head and complete the look with festive hair accessories!

2. Captivating Curls


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Make a graceful statement at your next holiday function with these long, free-flowing curls! Stretch your curls by blow drying and curling wanding your hair. Finger comb the curls for added volume and you’ll be left with a gorgeous silhouette!


3. Flirty French Braid


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This effortless and feminine style is the gift that keeps on giving! After stretching your hair, create a center part and place your hair into two loose braids - one on each side. Loosen the braids for added fullness and texture. From here, you can have the option of styling it into one full braid to wear down or tucked up into an updo. Either way, you’ll be sure to receive compliments all night.

4. Embellished Low Bun


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This natural hairstyle is an easy alternative to the Flawless Fishtail Crown. Recreate this sophisticated bun by parting your hair down the middle and embellishing your bangs with gold or silver coated bobby pins. Twist the remainder of your hair into a low full bun for a simple yet elegant shape.

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