Natural Hairstyles for Black Women

Spring Natural Hairstyles To Try Now

Spring has sprung! Which means this is the season for shedding the jacket and letting your hair be the main accessory. From big voluminous curls to sleek curly ponytails, here are the natural hairstyles to try out for the Spring.

  • 1. Curl Wanded Curls

    Spiral into control with voluminous, natural curls. There is nothing we love more than a curl wand style. This look is a favorite of ours because it's simply care-free. To achieve this look, install our For Koils 24” wefted hair. Next, stretch your coils by blow drying and curl wanding them. Finger comb through each section for added volume, and you’ll be left with free-flowing, curls!

      2. Curly Baby Bang



    Thinking about curly baby bangs? Luckily, you can try it out for the season with this gorgeous high bun faux bang style. To get this look, slick your own hair up into a top knot. Attach a curly drawstring ponytail extension, make a bun, and fluff it out for volume. Pro tip: while fluffing, be sure to leave the ends out to create your faux bangs.

    3. French Braided Crown


    This french braided crown is a unique spin on the traditional half- up half down look.  After stretching your hair with a blowdryer, add in a few clip ins that mimic natural blown out hair to achieve your desired length and fullness. Next, part your hair in half. Take the top half and create one full french-braid to the mid-crown area and secure with a few bobby pins.

    4.  Sleek Curly Ponytail


    This chic style is perfect for warm days. All of your hair is out your way and your face is accentuated. Re-create this look by slicking hair down into a low bun. Before attaching your ponytail, fluff it to your heart’s content. After achieving your desired volume, attach the ponytail and you’re all done!

    5. Side Swept Curls


    This style is a Heat Free Hair favorite because it’s elegant, chic, and leaves room for a little edge. After determining which side you want your hair to lay, place your clip-ins for added length and volume. Once your clip-ins are in, slick down the remainder of your hair to ensure a smooth blend between your natural hair and extensions. Feel free to pin down any flyaways with a Bobby pin for added security.

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