Heat Free Hair Wig

How To Know Which Wig is the One?

There are so many reasons why we love wigs! From protection to length retention, to instant gratification, wigs have always served us well. Throughout time, wigs have evolved for different install, style, and protection reasons.

Looking to try your first wig? From u-parts to full lace wigs, we’re taking you through all the options to help decide which option is best based on installation method and protective style type:

 U-Part Wig



  • Best for beginners for easy, self-installation 
  • Minimal leave-out allowing for a seamless blend
  • Natural-looking hairline (because it’s yours!)

 Lace Closure



  • Best for complete hair protection when paired with wefted hair
  • Zero to minimal leave out
  • Beginners recommended seeing a professional for customization

Lace Frontal Wig




  • Best for someone for a complete protective style
  • Illusion of a natural hairline due to lace across the forehead
  • More parting space with lace



Full Lace Wig



  •  Also, best for someone looking for a complete protective style 
  • 100% parting space throughout the wig
  • More styling versatility like updos and top knots


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