Natural Hair Extensions

Gym Curls: Natural Extension Styles For Every Workout

Love it or hate it, heading to the gym requires mental and physical preparation. However, hair prep sets you up for success in both! 

Now let’s be honest, when it comes to working out, there’s something deeply satisfying about looking good while getting your reps in. We’ve all been there. When you’re picking out what tank top or leggings to wear, you take a moment and fantasize about how stealthy you’ll look. The same thing applies to how you choose to style your hair. 

When exercising with natural hair extensions, you want to sport a look that’s flawlessly functional. Here are some of our favorite hairstyles to take the gym head on.

1. The Top Knot


Ah, the classic top knot. It wouldn't be right if we didn't include this look to our list. Slicking your hair back into a top knot is ideal when you're breaking a sweat! Because all of your hair is both out of your face and off your neck, you won't overheat while you're burning your calories. When styling your Heat Free Hair drawstring ponytail, be sure to find your texture match for a perfect blend and choose a length to size your bun as you wish. Looking to go big? Go with our 24" ponytail. Looking for subtlety? Try our 12" or 18" ponytails!


2. The High Puff

This style should be a go-to look for your next workout. This updo is great for putting all of your hair back while feeling chic and feminine! For the perfect high puff, the shorter the better so have some fun with our 12" drawstring ponytails.

When styling this look, try to avoid using a lot of product for a natural looking ponytail. When you're pushing through your hot yoga session, the last thing you'll want is product running down your face.  

3. The Cornrowed Bun


This look is the epitome of protection perfected!  This gorgeous updo lets you switch up your style while you protect your natural curls underneath. The versatility of this look is what we love most about it. You can wear this hairstyle to the office and head straight to the gym afterward. Two birds and one style!


4.  The Curl Cap Ponytail


For recovery days that involve cooling off, this is the style to try. Rocking your low 18" or 24" drawstring ponytail style allows you to sport a Curl Cap. This winning combination will help you look sleek and stay in the zone!



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