First Look: The Luxe Braiding Collection


Braids when you only accept the best. 

Step into the vibrance of braid season with unparalleled sophistication.  As a VIP Email Subscriber we invite you to have the first look at The Luxe Braiding Collection, a higher standard for your best braids. Our collection brings you the luxury of 100% human hair in rich, wavy textures tailored to blend seamlessly with your natural beauty.

At the heart of this collection is our BOHO Deep Wave, embodying the essence of boho chic and timeless elegance. These braids are not just a style; they are a statement of quality and natural beauty. With our BOHO Deep Wave, you can achieve long-lasting, stunning boho, goddess, or micro braids that capture the essence of effortless summer beauty.

Your braids deserve nothing less than the best, and we deliver on that promise with every strand. Here are a few things to look forward to with the upcoming collection:

  • 100% Premium Human Hair: Embrace the richness and durability of premium human hair that mirrors the natural movement and feel of your own hair. Our collection ensures your braids look and feel authentic, with a texture that lasts.
  • Seamless Blending: Our BOHO Deep Wave is designed to integrate flawlessly with your natural hair, providing a harmonious blend that enhances your style. 
  • No Itching or Tangling: Experience the freedom of braids that are free from common issues like itching, tangling, and matting. Our high-quality hair ensures comfortable, lightweight wear that keeps your scalp healthy and your style intact.
  • Tone-Accentuating Shades: Available in five expertly matched colors, our collection offers shades that beautifully complement a variety of skin tones, allowing you to find the perfect match for a truly natural look.
  • Lightweight and Tension-Free: Say goodbye to the heaviness of synthetic hair. Our braiding hair is meticulously crafted to be lightweight and tension-free, providing you with the most comfortable braiding experience. Enjoy braids that are gentle on your scalp, free of weight and discomfort, so you can move through your day with ease and confidence.


As we celebrate the launch of The Luxe Braiding Collection, we invite you to set a higher standard for your summer beauty. Embrace the elegance and ease of premium braiding hair that allows you to spend more time enjoying the season and less time styling.


The Luxe Braiding Collection will be available for your exclusive early access on Tuesday, June 11th at 8 PM EST.

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