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Tape-Ins FAQs

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Tape-Ins FAQs

What is the difference between tape-ins and clip-ins?

  • Tape-ins and Clip-ins are both great extension methods that blend easily with your natural hair and provide versatile styling options. Each method provides its own benefits depending on your styling needs:

    • Tape-Ins - Semi-permanent, lightweight, and low-tension. Tape-ins require professional installation and maintenance and can last 4-8 weeks! 
    • Clip-Ins- Semi-protective, non-committal, and great for beginners. Clip-ins can be used for multiple wears with the proper hair care routine!

How many sets of tape-ins do I need for a full look?

  • Each set of tape-ins has 20 tapes, weighing  approximately 50 grams per set. We recommend 4-5 sets for a full look and 2-3 sets to enhance your natural volume and length. 

What lengths are your tape-ins offered in?

  • Our tape-ins are offered in 16”, 20”, and 24” lengths. 

    • 16” - Falls right below your collarbone and perfect for a natural, everyday look.
    • 20” - Falls just past your shoulders and great for ponytails and half-up/half down looks. 
    • 24”- Falls mid back and the perfect length for an ultra glam look and the most styling versatility. 

    These descriptions are applicable to our koils, kurls, and kinks textures only as they are measured in their fully straight state.

How long will my tape-ins last? Are they reusable?

  • With the proper care and maintenance routine, your tape-in installation can last between 4-8 weeks. The timeframe may vary based on the natural rate of your hair growth and styling and maintenance routine. Kinky/curly extensions are washed more often and styled frequently with hair products, so it is recommended to replace the adhesive after each install for best results.  

Can I color my tape-in extensions?

  • Our premium tape-in extensions are offered in their natural, virgin color which ranges from a medium to dark brown. However, the extensions can be professionally colored to achieve your desired look. We recommend using a licensed professional stylist to color your tape-ins to avoid over-processing of the extensions and over-exposure of moisture to the adhesive. 

Can I install tape-ins myself like I do with my Heat Free Hair clip-ins?

  • Our tapes are pre-taped and ready to apply, but we recommend using a licensed professional stylist to install your tape-ins. Installing tape-ins requires the correct technique and knowledge to ensure they are secured properly; evenly distributed for a natural look and not placed too close to the roots to prevent damage. A licensed professional stylist can also thoroughly assess your hair health, before installation to make sure you are the right candidate for tape-ins. 
    Your tape-ins should always be applied to clean, dry hair. 

Can I wash my hair with my tape-ins?

  • Yes, it is important to keep a regular wash routine to extend the length of your installation. Prolonged exposure to moisture and extended periods of product build on the scalp and hair can cause premature removal of the tape-ins. 

How do I maintain my tape-ins?

  • To keep your tape-ins in a flawless condition, we recommend following these care tips: 

    • Use a sulfate-free shampoo and hydrating conditioner, like our P.E.K Fresh Kept Secret Shampoo and New Condition Conditioner. Shampoo is important to remove product and oil build up on the scalp to prevent premature slipping of the tapes. Only apply conditioner directly to your extensions (below the tape-in bond) while detangling and to keep your extensions hydrated. 
    • On wash day, ensure your hair and roots are  thoroughly dried before styling, going to sleep, or heading out for the day. Allowing adequate time for the hair to dry will prevent tangling and matting. 
    • Avoid brushing the hair at the roots/bond of the tapes. We recommend using a gentle detangling brush to detangle from the tips to the bottom of the tape-in bond. 
    • After installation, allow 48-72 hours for the tape-ins to set to avoid slipping/loosening. This includes excessive manipulation and applying water or hair care products at the roots, above the tape-in bond.  
    • Keep regular maintenance and style appointments with a professional stylist to prevent excess pulling, slipping, and proper drying of the tape-ins. 

How do I remove my tape-ins?

  • Tape-ins should only be removed by a licensed professional stylist. Your natural hair is delicately secured between the tapes to create a bond, so professional assistance is necessary to prevent shedding of your natural hair. We do not recommend removing the tape-ins at home. 

I have fine hair. Can I use tape-ins extensions to add volume and length?

  • Yes! Tape-Ins are a great option to add volume and length to finer hair textures. Our 1” tapes are lightweight and flexible, making it very easy to blend between your hair without excess tension or thickness of traditional extensions. 

Should I try tape-ins if I am new to textured extensions?

  • Tape-ins are a great way to add undetectable versatility to your look! However, they require routine maintenance with a professional stylist. If you are new to extensions, we recommend starting with our clip-ins and switching to tape-ins when you are comfortable with at-home styling between your salon visits. Our clip-ins are offered in the same lengths and textures and you can shop them here

Will tape-ins damage my hair?

  • Extensions are a great way to add length, volume, and provide versatile styling options when installed and cared for properly. However, to avoid damaging your hair it is important to ensure your hair is healthy enough for tape-ins and have a licensed professional stylist complete your install and regular maintenance. Following these guidelines will keep your natural hair healthy! 

This was great, but I still don’t know which is the best option for me. Can you help?

  • Absolutely, we are happy to help you further! Please give us a call at 1-877-686-9044 or send us an email to customercare@heatfreeahair.com, Monday-Friday from 10 AM - 6 PM EST.  One of our natural hair specialists will help you find the perfect extensions for you!

Finding the Perfect Hair

Why Heat Free Hair?

  • Heat Free Hair offers 100% virgin hair extensions exclusively for natural textures. More than that, we offer a community of a women, who, like us, want to look beautiful wherever they are in their hair journey. The team behind Heat Free Hair is just like you - passionate about looking good and still feeling like themselves while wearing hair extensions. We’re committed to uncompromised quality in our products and promise to never sacrifice the integrity of our manufacturing for any kind of gain. Our hair has never been chemically altered to create the natural textures that suit you. We believe in both authenticity and innovation, and are constantly striving to meet you where you are along your journey to “beautiful.”

I’ve never worn hair extensions before. How do I know which Heat Free Hair product is right for me?

  • Enhancing your natural beauty can be a beautiful thing! TrueYou, our product finder tool, is designed to help you choose the right Heat Free Hair product based on your lifestyle, needs, curl type and desired look. We recommend starting here to narrow your selection down.

Which collection do you recommend if I have more than one curl pattern?

  • We recommend using the texture of the hair you plan to leave out as a marker for which Heat Free Hair collection to purchase. You can also use True You, our product finder tool, to help you make the best product selection.

Explain the different curl types again, please!

  • Curl typing is a system designed to help you understand the unique look and needs of various hair textures. The chart below outlines the differences in pattern, density and luster for natural textures ranging from 3B to 4C.

Do you offer/sell sample textures, or can I come and see the hair in person at your D.C. office?

  • While our team offices are located in Washington, D.C., we do not currently have a studio that offers sample textures nor do we sell samples. We are, however, more than happy to assist you in making the best product selection! TrueYou, our new product matching tool, helps you find the Heat Free Hair texture and product type that suits you!

How many bundles will I need to get the look I want?

  • We recommend two bundles for lengths under 18″ and three bundles for lengths 18” and above to achieve desired fullness. Heat Free Hair bundles are manufactured full, weighing a total of four ounces (113.4 grams). Bundles that are longer in length tend to have a shorter weft thus requiring more for a full weave installation.

Does the Blow Out Collection revert to a curl pattern when coming in contact with water or moisture?

  • Our Blow Out Collection was designed specifically to achieve a “blown out” natural look. It is both humidity resistant and true to its straight texture. When wet, strands will simply become fluffier until they are blow dried.

Installation & Maintenance

How is Heat Free Hair installed?

  • Installation varies by product type. Our wefted hair does not come in bulk, and requires that each track be sewn in. Heat Free Hair wigs offer Full Cap , U-Part and Lace options with adjustable straps, combs and elastic straps for extra security. Clip-in extensions are made with silicone tipped metal clips and offer an elastic protection band on each piece for the most secure placement.

Can you recommend a stylist to install Heat Free Hair?

  • At this time, we do not have a list of recommended stylists, however we encourage all of our customers to search for a local stylist familiar with natural hair and natural hair extensions.

Can I color Heat Free Hair extensions?

  • Heat Free Hair extensions are offered in their unaltered color state with variations of dark brown and black hues. At this time, we do not offer additional color options or custom coloring services. To make Heat Free Hair extensions fit your desired look, our hair may be bleached or dyed in order to blend with your natural hair. We recommend coloring extensions prior to installation and doing strand tests per bundle/set to. Just like natural hair, bleaching or using color with harsh chemicals may weaken the hair shaft and potentially alter the texture. Heat Free Hair extensions that have been colored require extra love and attention throughout the life of your look. Please be sure to deep condition extensions and use nourishing hair products whenever possible.
    *We recommend that coloring be done by a professional/licensed colorist familiar with natural textures. Heat Free Hair curl patterns are steam processed to create each unique curl pattern. Lifting the hair with high volumes of developer to extremely light colors may alter the integrity of the texture and curl pattern. Heat Free Hair is not responsible for any damage of hair quality or texture as a result of color processing.

Can I straighten and style Heat Free Hair extensions?

  • Just like natural hair, Heat Free Hair has beautiful styling versatility. You may wear our looks as they come, or use heat styling tools to achieve your desired look. Keep in mind that our virgin hair is just as susceptible to heat damage and loss of curl pattern as your own natural hair is. Use a heat protectant when necessary and avoid excessive exposure to straightening tools.

How long will Heat Free Hair last?

  • Our extensions are manufactured with the utmost level of quality and design. The expectant life of your particular hair extension product depends solely on the care you provide your clip-in’s or wig, or the daily maintenance routine of your wefted hair installation. A customized “Care Card” is included with every Heat Free Hair purchase with instructions to help you maintain your look for as long as possible.

Can I wear Heat Free Hair while swimming in salt water or chlorine water?

  • You can swim in our hair extensions, however we recommend wearing a snug-fitted swim cap to protect the hair. Just like your natural hair, salt water and chlorine can strip it of moisture, causing potential drying and tangling.

Purchasing, Shipping & Returns

I ordered online, but want to cancel my purchase. Is it too late?

  • All orders are final sale. Once the order is placed, we are unable to cancel your order. However, we do offer exchanges and returns for store credit within 7 days of your delivery date. Please send us a message, email, or give us a call if you need assistance placing your order, we will be happy to assist you!

How long after ordering will it take my package to arrive?

  • All orders placed before 11 AM EST, Monday- Friday, will ship the same business day. This does not apply to made-to-order items, like Headband Wigs. When your order ships, you will receive a tracking number to track your package. USPS delivery times are estimates and we can not guarantee your delivery date. It is recommended to allow ample time or delivery before special occasions, travel plans, and hair appointments.

Do you offer military or stylist discounts?

  • At this time, we do not offer any discounts to select groups or businesses.

Do you offer wholesale opportunities?

  • Because of the nature of our business and the desire to maintain control of the quality and integrity of our hair, we do not authorize the resale of our hair extensions.

What is Route Package Protection and how does it help me?

  • Route Package Protection is a service offered at checkout to protect your package if it is lost, stolen, or damaged in transit. If Route is selected, and an issue occurs, Route will either replace the package or issue you a refund minus the cost of shipping.
    For more information about Route Package Protection and claim limits, please visit their website

    Route is not mandatory and can be removed at checkout before submitting your payment. Route does not cover refused packages, product issues, or packages returned to the sender.

    *Heat Free Hair is not responsible for any shipping delays or issues. If Route is not selected and an issue occurs, please contact the shipping provider directly*

I ordered the wrong item, how can I return it?

  • We do not offer cash refunds, but we will be more than happy to issue you a store credit for unused items kept in their original sale condition! Please visit the website, here to submit a request within 7 days of your delivery date.

    The store credit will be issued once the product is received back to our fulfillment center and inspected. Your store credit will be for the amount paid minus discounts and shipping. Discount codes are for one-time use only.

    The customer is responsible for all shipping costs associated with the return if the correct items were received.