Pheto Louwfant

Pheto Louwfant

Who I am and what "I do".

I am that tall girl who will walk up to a stranger and let them know that they are beautiful and not invisible. I’m an African woman from the Batswana tribe in South Africa working as a flight attendant for the past 3 years in the Middle East. My life involves waking up at odd hours for 16 hour flights, [experiencing] different countries, climates, time zones. Being a wife, prioritizing, and managing my time constantly. Most times when I’m working, I find myself being the only black girl in my team and this is a big part of why I wear my natural hair or hair that looks like my natural hair (Heat Free Hair). For me, it's a silent yet bold statement to let the world know that black women are fierce, strong, and powerful and some people find that threatening. They expect us to disappear into a corner when it's natural for us to shine.

My personality.

I’m bold, fierce, and not afraid to express myself. A kind soul but don’t try me. A giver. I care about people and sometimes I care way too much. I’m rooted, I know who I am, where I come from, and where I’m going? Well, that’s on my roster! Off to Indonesia next week.



My real hair.

Is beautiful and it took me a while to appreciate and understand it. My hair is a tapered 4C TWA which is currently in its awkward stage because of growth. I’m now starting to realize how much I can do with it.


When I was introduced to Heat Free Hair.

I thought to myself, "Where have you been all my life?" Heat Free Hair is not just another hair company. It's a union of powerful black women whom I feel connected to. I found out about Heat Free Hair through the beautiful and intelligent Asiyami Gold on Instagram and nothing was the same.




I used to think...

That my hair was not good enough until I started taking care of it and letting it do what it does best: flourish! The drawstring ponytails are incredible for someone who loves to show off their natural hair (like me) and my travel buddy is my For Kurls Queen Wig.





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