Melissa Brooks

Melissa Brooks

Who I am and what “I do.”

I am Melissa but mostly anyone who knows me calls me Mel. I am a woman of many hats, I work full time in corporate America, I am a full-time student, a blogger, and a fur mom. I am a fashion and beauty lover.

 My personality

I am loving, fierce, sassy, passionate and happy!


The season I'm in.



I am in grinding season. As I mentioned, I work full time and I am also in school full time (even in the summer, no breaks for me) and part-time blogging. Before making the decision to enroll back in school I had a lot of free time on my hands, now I barely have time to cook myself a meal. However, as stressful as this may sound I embrace this season that I am in and I am grateful for this season. This season is testing me, teaching me and making me stronger.

My real hair

 I have always used relaxer growing up, I used the Brazilian and Indian hair whenever I got extensions.  After years of seeing my curl pattern disappear from constantly pressing my hair, I knew it was time for a change. Going natural was difficult for me. Before going natural, I got my hair done in a salon weekly and pressing combs and relaxers were used frequently. So deciding to natural was a struggle, but it was the best decision I ever made. 

When I was introduced to Heat Free Hair


After I started to watch my curl pattern disappear and my hair grow thinner, I started researching African American hair companies that provided hair for my texture. After a few trial and error tests, I finally ran into Heat Free Hair. I must admit I was skeptical because I had wasted a ton of money on hair that was supposed to match my texture that didn’t. After months of researching, I finally decided to order 1 pack of For Kurls clip-ins and I have not used any other hair company since.

I used to think...


I used to think natural hair didn’t equate to beauty. I grew up on relaxer, straightening combs, and not being able to get my hair wet because it would be “nappy”. While working in corporate America, I felt that It was not acceptable to wear my hair natural. I didn’t think I would be taken seriously if I was natural. After building my own self-confidence and realizing that I should embrace my natural hair, I have never turned back.

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