Amber Williams

Amber Williams

Who I am and what “I do.”

People know me as Amber, the storyteller wannabe superwoman. I’ m the coffee snob who runs a business during the day, then warps into wife and master mommy after 5. I’ m the owner of Punky Flair, a one-woman brand storytelling shop based in D.C. I don’ t have time to get cute, but I do because I have to. In The District, you don’t step out undone, so... you know.

My personality.

Sassy. Particular. Judgmental, yet forgiving.

The season I’m in.

In October, I found out I was pregnant with my second child. The look on my husband and mine’s face was priceless. How did this happen? We KNOW how this happened. It wasn’t long before holiday season approached and the fatigue of first trimester started to settle in. The 45 minutes I dedicated in the morning to getting my look together now dwindled down to 10. Taking a shower and putting on lip gloss was all I could do. My hair was only two inches long, but I didn’t even have the energy to fluff it. I needed someone to do my hair for me, or for me to find some new hair that didn’t need doing. At least not every day.

My real hair.

I have a cute tapered cut with reddish brown and blonde hues hand-painted onto my 4A curls. Two years after my big chop, I didn’t feel like it was so cute anymore. My hair grows fast, but not fast enough for me to be satisfied. I wanted my big red ‘ fro again, but didn’t want to go through all the phases of un-pretty to get to perfection.

When I was introduced to Heat Free Hair.

In December, 2016, Ngozi fitted me for a For Kurls Queen Wig. She custom colored a beautiful golden ombre for me in the studio. Transforming into a mad [coloring] scientist, but still giving me half of her attention, we caught upon life, love, and entrepreneurship. After her expert experiment, I was in love with my new wig and its hue that perfectly complemented my skin tone! The next week, I decided to make it even more me with a cut that would fit my fattening #preggo face shape. Words can’t describe how beautiful the hair made me feel. The texture was an exact match, and the carefree look was so me.

I used to think ...

I always viewed wearing a wig as an “old lady thing.” I don’t know, I didn’t know a cap with hair attached to it could actually be believable. I was so wrong. It’s been six months and I’m still rocking mine. It has literally changed my entire pregnancy life! My hair is ALWAYS done and ALWAYS looks great.

This might sound vain, but wearing Heat Free Hair extensions has been the biggest relief of my entire pregnancy!

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