Don’t Make This Horrifying Mistake with Hair Extensions

Don’t Make This Horrifying Mistake with Hair Extensions

Chances are you’ve done it recently…

It’s laundry day and you have every intention of getting all of it done in one afternoon. We’re talking washing, drying, and folding the span of a couple of hours. It’s safe to say you’re feeling productive. Your first load is in the washing machine when your friend calls and invites you to brunch. You obviously agree to go and decide that you’ll pick up where you left off when you get back home, even though deep down you know that’s not happening. 

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The next morning, you resume laundry day. However, once you open the washing machine, you realize you’ve done it again: You’ve let your clothes go sour. You restart the cycle with the hopes of rinsing out the smell and the disappointment that comes with it. And, though the smell goes away, the memory of it lives on until you’re confronted with it a few days later. However, this time, it’s not coming from neglected laundry, but from your brand new extensions. 

You just got them installed — they’re not supposed to smell this way already! You may think your horrible luck with extensions are blame and that there’s nothing you can do to prevent the smell of soured, mildewy laundry from permeating your bundles (and nostrils), but that’s not true at all. In fact, the way you care for them is the exact reason why you can’t seem to stop them from eventually producing that scent. All hope isn’t lost though. There are steps you can take to ensure that you’re never accosted by that stench, again.

The most common mistake extensions wearers make that leaves them with moldy smelling hair is not allowing it to fully dry after wash day. Instead, they pull it back into a bun or a ponytail before it completely dries. Much like leaving wet clothes in the laundry, pulling back wet hair does not give  opportunity to properly dry, which is the root cause of that unpleasant aroma.

Perpetually wet or damp hair creates a moist environment on your scalp and weft, fostering bacteria that has a distinct scent. Closing it up in a bun or ponytail only makes matters worse, as that trapped moisture begins to mingle with your scalp’s natural oils and scents, producing the odor that we’ve all grown to know and despise.

This environment doesn’t set your extensions up to succeed. Not only does it produce a pungent smell, it may also cause your hair to mat excessively, which oftentimes is the last straw for extensions wearers. 

If you’re reading this because your hair is already smelling funny, don’t give up yet! You can correct what’s already been done and eradicate the scent for good. Here’s what you need to do:

1. CLARIFY: This may seem obvious, but start by washing your hair. Product build-up plays a huge role in what’s causing your hair to smell, so you’ll need an ultra-clarifying shampoo to break it down and wash it away. We recommend Fresh Kept Secret by Heat Free Hair — it employs the highest grade of tea tree oil to remove any build-up and residue without stripping or drying out your hair, leaving it feeling clean and hydrated, and is formulated specifically for hair extensions.

2. APPLY PRODUCTS AS USUAL: Once you’ve removed the product build-up and thoroughly cleansed your scalp, apply a hydrating conditioner that’s been crafted with unique oil-infusion technology that blends together the highest and purest grade of argan oils to provide the lightweight hydration your hair needs. We suggest New Condition by Heat Free Hair — it’s a detangling game changer that leaves your hair moisturized and so soft. Be sure to completely rinse it out before applying your moisturizing and styling products. Remember, styling products can lead to product build up, which is a leading cause for smelliness, so don’t overdo it.

3. ALLOW HAIR TO COMPLETELY DRY: This is the most important step. After you’ve applied your styling products, part your hair down the middle and bring it forward. Leave it this way until your hair, weft, and roots are 1000% dry. One more time: Leave it this way until your hair is completely dry. This gives your weft the opportunity to breathe, preventing bacteria and, most importantly, that horrible scent. Once your weft, roots, and scalp are totally dry, feel free to pull your hair back or style it however you wish, scent-free. 

Moldy smelling weaves and wigs are totally avoidable. As long as you’re consistently clarifying and removing product buildup, and ensuring your hair (especially the weft) is totally dry, you'll always smell as good as you did on day one. 

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