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How to Really Love Your Life

November 20, 2017 | Personal Development
Ngozi Opara
Founder & CEO

We have a ton to be grateful for, right? Our careers are in peak season, our homes are enviable, and our families seem picture perfect. There’s no reason not to reply “I love my life” when an old friend asks how you’re doing. That response isn’t always true though. We don’t really love it 100% of the time. We just know how to hide the low’s to look like we have it all together. In reality, we want more - we want to really love every moment of every day.

Here’s 3 ways to do just that starting today!

1. Shoot for the Moon

We have this saying around the Heat Free Hair office about goals. It goes like this: If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough. Every January, our team comes together to write down the most audacious business goals our minds can conceive. Do we reach all of them throughout the year? No. Does it give the entire team something to look forward to and something exciting to show up for every day? Yes! That’s the whole point - We dream big and shoot for the moon, because even when our goals have to be revised to fit our lives, where we land is still somewhere among the stars. And getting that high up still makes us love what we do!

2. Get it Together

Looking great can give you a major confidence boost to attack those big dreams of yours. If you’re one of those work-from-home women who only puts on a bra and lipstick for video meetings, we can understand how easy it may be to fall into a funk of non-inspiration. There’s a famous renaissance playwright who used to dress up in full garb and apply stage makeup before sitting down to pen a page. The thinking was that if she dressed up, the day would take on new meaning and inspiration would magically come to her. The next time you get ready to roll out of bed directly onto your laptop, take a few minutes to get dressed up! Throw on some lipstick, snap on your wig, and slide into one of those cute “around the house” pieces. You just might discover something new to love about you and your work.

3. Round up the Girls

None of us want to pass the time alone. Who you “do” life with has a major impact on how you live it. You don’t have to have a significant other to really love your life. A good girlfriends circle can be the perfect remedy. Try forming a “life group” of like-minded women who share your ambition and positive outlook. Connect over coffee, your kids, or even your passion projects. Everyone doesn’t have to want the same things or agree on the season finale of Scandal. The only thing you should share is the desire to love every moment of every day!

When you think about it, really loving your life is all about loving yourself, what you do, and the people you share your time with. Shop looks from our collection that celebrate your life, your beauty and what makes your journey truly unique!

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Phetogo Louwfant February 04, 2018

When I first heard about HeatFreeHair movement was from the beautiful Asiyami Gold ,what i’ve noticed about this community is that this is beyond business, its about empowering black women to always shoot for the moon ,i’m grategul to have found out about this community

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