Mastering the Morning

4 Steps to Mastering Your Morning

If there’s anything this period of social distancing has taught me, it’s the importance of creating structure in your day, and prioritizing self-care. I personally feel like my most productive and stress-free days are the ones that begin with a morning well spent. Here are four tips that help me, and can hopefully help set you up for a successful day, every day.

1. Quiet Hour

This is by far the most fruitful part of my morning routine, and it truly helps set the tone for the rest of my day. I wake up an hour before anyone else in my house and find a quiet corner to breathe/meditate, pray, read, journal, and set my intentions for the day. I can definitely feel a major difference if I skip this so I set an early alarm every day!

2. Move Your Body

Exercising for me is that thing I know I need to do, don’t want to, but feel sooo good when I do so I’ve made it an essential part of my morning routine. I try to get in 30mins of cardio 4-6 mornings a week. This definitely helps lift my mood, and gives me the energy I need to get through the day.

3. Daily Pampering

We all know how good it feels to pamper yourself every once in a while, but I personally feel like it’s important it pamper yourself in little ways every day. For me, I make my morning skincare routine my form of pampering and treat my face serums like massage oils.

4. Get Dressed


Whether your working from home, or back in the office, there’s just something about getting all the way dressed up that gives an extra boost of motivation to conquer the day. When my hair looks good, I feel my best, so I opt for a quick style like our ponytails to have me looking good, feeling good, and on my way.

I hope these tips lead you to more productive mornings and more successful days!




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