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Two Expert Ways to Install Clip-Ins

When it comes to clip-ins for African American hair, they can easily be your hair’s best friend. They're there to support your big hair goals and know when to let go when you need space. These versatile extensions can be your new go-to for instant length, volume, or both!

No matter how you decide to wear them when applied and styled correctly, they can truly be your best-kept secret. Here are 2 clip-in extensions methods that are sure to keep em’ guessing: 

Method 1: Loose Hair

This technique is perfect for leaving all of your natural hair out and placing your clip-ins in desired sections. If your natural hair is more on the finer side, this is a great option for creating an organically fuller look.


  • Starting at the nape of your neck, take a section of your natural hair and insert your clip-in on top of the section. 
  • Take a new section of natural hair above the newly placed clip-in and layer it on top to cover the weft and create a blended foundation. 
  • Repeat this process as you work your way up.

  • When you get to the crown and edges, decide on how much of your natural hair you plan to section out for your “leave-out”. 
  • Once you’ve decided, begin to take smaller clip-ins to blend underneath your natural hair you're leaving out. 
  • As soon as you are happy with where your clip-ins are placed it’s time to adjust, fluff, and secure your style!


Method 2: The Braid Down

This method is a great option if you’re looking to protect and tuck away your natural hair for the moment but want to keep the length. 

  • When prepping your natural hair, braid or twist down your natural hair into sections to set the foundation for clip-in application. *No pressure on making the braids perfect. No one’s gonna see them! *
  • When creating your braided sections, decide how much leave-out you’d like for your look and separate them away from your cornrows. That way you’ve prepped your hair for smooth blending.

  • Once your braids are created, start taking the clip-ins and place them on top of your braids.
  • Start from the nape of your neck and work your way to the top of your leave-out.
  • Once you’re at the front of your hair, play around and adjust your leave out to your liking and voila! You’re ready to test out your new look!

Love what you see? Explore our clip-ins collection today and try out these methods at home!

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