Bridal Style Ponytail

Style Studio Presents: The Contemporary Bridal Ponytail

Wedding season is in full effect. With the temperatures being just as gorgeous as the summer looks, it’s time to celebrate this joyous milestone with a look that elevates your natural beauty with sophistication and grace! This beautiful bridal ponytail is the perfect look to compliment the summer heat while shaping your face to show off your greatest

 Feel your absolute best on your special day with our latest Style Studio look:

The Contemporary Bridal Ponytail.

Watch our step-by - step tutorial to learn how to create this look for yourself:



Curl-wanded and fluffed out, this style elevates your typical bridal curls by layering our Blow Out 20” Wefted Hair Collection into a beautiful ponytail.

Shop our Blowout Collection today to recreate this beautiful look!

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