Style Studio Presents: The Undetectable Sew In

Style Studio Presents: The Undetectable Sew In

Whether you're looking for a protective style to give your natural textures a little break or you're in the process of growing out your curls, you can't go wrong with a sew-in.

There's method to getting your sew-in looking like perfection and completely undetectable. And, it's an easily achievable look in 5 steps. 

Style Studio presents The Undetectable Sew In.

 Create this look with our Wefted Hair and with these five steps. 

1. Part hairline to create a leave out. 

2. Braid remaining hair in circles to create a flat foundation. 

3. Sew in wefted hair by sections. 

4. Curl define with our new Wavy/Curly Kit and High Definition Curlbrush™, and blend leave out with extensions. 

5. Apply gel or edge control to touch up edges.

 Looking for more style inspirations this fall? Check out our Style Studio here. 


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