Style Studio Presents: The Sculpted Glam Updo

Style Studio Presents: The Sculpted Glam Updo

The holiday season is upon us, which means it's time to prepare for stunning holiday hair moments for all your upcoming special occasions! Whether you're attending a round of holiday parties or enjoying a special family affair, your hair deserves to be a statement that captivates any room. 

Introducing the latest from our Style Studio, the Sculpted Glam Updo. This intricate updo is perfect for our 4C ladies,  featuring our For Kinks 20" Clip Ins masterfully twisted into an stunning updo. 





Easily recreate this look with our For Kinks 20" Clip Ins and the new revolutinary High Definition Curlbrush with these simple steps. 

1. Blow out hair.

2. Part hair into sections.

3. Mold sections into bun. 

4. Apply For Kinks Clip Ins in front. 

5. Create three large twists. 

6. Pin twists into desired looks. 

7. Apply drawstring pony. 

8. Loosely twist into sections. 

9. Pin twist into desired sculpted updo. 

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