Chunky Twist Out

How to Style a Chunky Twist Out 3 Ways

No matter your curl pattern, a twist out is one natural hairstyle we can all love. Let us count all the ways: 

1. It's a go-to protective style easy to customize to reflect your own personality. 

2. Looks great on all textures, from curls to coils and kinks! 

3. Low maintenance. No complicated upkeep to maintain your fresh and poppin´ twist out. 

4. You don't have to be an expert stylist to master a twist out. If you know how to do a simple braid, you can do a twist out! 

5. All about versatility. Styles are limitless; it's all about your creativity on how you want to wear your twist out. 

We're loving these three easy-to-style Chunky Twist Out looks right now.

Style 1: Full & Chunky Twist Out

The first step to achieving a well-defined chunky twist out, regardless of the style, is to prime your hair and extensions with the right products. 

Start by detangling your hair and clip ins with our curly hair defining brush

Then, apply our Primestyle and Curl Whipped Texture Defining Mousse to each section of your twists. Get on the waitlist for both products available in our P.E.K. for Wavy/Curly textures. 


And voila: your full Chunky Twist Out: 

Chunky Twist Out


Style 2: Half Up Top Knot

Grab a section of your twist out to create a high ponytail. Start to wrap your ponytail in one direction and tuck in the ends under your hair band. 

Half Up Top Knot Twist Out 

Style 3: Half Up, Half Down

Create a high ponytail and fluff out your twist out. 


Half Up, Half down twist out


Create your Chunky Twist Out with our For Kurls 20" Clip Ins and the Curl defining brush. Shop here: 

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