How To Master a Bantu Knot Out with Clip Ins

How To Master a Bantu Knot Out with Clip Ins

Originally conceptualized by the Zulu people of South Africa, Bantu knots are an absolutely stunning style dripping with rich history and power. They radiate confidence and personality, making it a go-to protective style for many naturals around the world.

Transform your texture to bring out an entirely new vibe to your signature look. A perfectly Styled Bantu Knot Out will not only bring extra length and volume, but it will also amplify your texture in a major way.

Get this versatile look that can be worn beautifully on all textures in seven easy steps. 

Step 1. Blow Out Your Hair & Clip Ins 

Blow Out Clip Ins

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Step 2. Apply Clip Ins Until You Achieve Your Desired Length & Volume

Bantu Knot Step 2

Step 3. Detangle Hair Once More Using the HD Curlbrush

Bantu Knot Step 3

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Step 4. Apply Curl Whipped Mousse To Prep Your Hair 

Bantu Knot Step 4

PEK wavy/curly textures

Step 5. Wrap Your Hair Into Bantu Knots

Bantu Knot Step 5

Step 6. Take the Knots Down & Fluff Out Your Coils 

Bantu Knot Step 6

Step 7. Bask in the Beauty of Your Transformed Texture 

bantu knot out with clip ins

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