How to Do the Viral Heatless Sock Curls on Natural Hair

How to Do the Viral Heatless Sock Curls on Natural Hair

Gone are the days of sacrificing your hair's health for a stunning hairstyle. Heatless styling methods are some of our favorite because they offer countless benefits that go beyond the obvious advantages of protecting the integrity of your natural hair. And, this DIY heatless styling trick may completely surprise you, as it takes an everyday item to create soft, voluminous curls! 

No rollers? No worries. 

See how we interpreted the viral sock curling trend to create two gorgeous, versatile looks with our Blow Out Collection Clip Ins. 

And, be prepared to be wowed and wow others with luxurious waves you would typically expect with hot tools. 

STYLE 1: Cascading Waves 

viral sock curling hairstyle

Featuring our Blow Out 20" Clip Ins in Jet Black 

Step 1: Install Clip-Ins in freshly washed and straightened hair.

heat free hair blow out clip ins

Step 2: Evenly distribute Curl Whipped Texture Defining Mousse (available in our Perfect Extensions Kit for wavy/curly textures) through your hair to prep for curling.

curl whipped mousse

Step 3: Clip socks into your hair, starting near your roots and winding individual sections of hair around the sock.

sock curling hack

Step 4: Wrap the section into a bun around the clip and cover the bun with the end of the sock to secure in place.

sock curling style

Step 5: Unwind fully-dried sections to reveal your waves.

sock curling trend

Step 6: Gently fluff each section for your desired body and let your soft waves flow.


sock curling trend


STYLE 2: Half Up, Half Down

Blow Out Clip Ins Jet Black

Featuring our Blow Out 20" Clip Ins in Jet Black 

Step 1: Start with fully-fluffed waves, and secure half of your hair into a bun with a rubber band.

viral sock curling trend

Step 2: Smooth the loose length of hair with bangs left out to frame the face. You’re perfectly balanced with beautiful curls.

sock curling trend hairstyle


Incorporating heatless styling techniques into your routine not only enhances your hair's vitality, but also brings endless styling options at your fingertips. With our Blow Out Collection Clip-Ins and the sock method, you're not just achieving fabulous waves—you're embracing a healthier approach to beauty that lets your hair shine, naturally. Will you give it a try? 

blow out collection


And, don´t forget to get the right styling products for your extensions from our Perfect Extensions Kit Collection so your curls are properly nourished and well-defined, every time. 

perfect extensions kit



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