How To Choose Your Clip Ins Length

How To Choose Your Clip Ins Length

You've made the decision to try clip ins to switch up and elevate your look; great choice! 

But now you're stuck on determining which length is right for you. 

Let us save you all the time researching and money in trial and error and tell you...

It all comes down to your lifestyle and how you feel right now. 💁🏽‍♀️

Read on to discover just how easily you can select your clip ins to fit your mood, any day. 

For A Little Extra Umph - Try 16"

Try our clip ins, available in four textures, in 16” to easily add a little extra length and volume to your signature look. 

A quick texture guide: 


For Kurls Clip Ins
For Kurls Collection


As seen here in our most popular texture For Kurls 16” Clip Ins 

For a Little More Distance - Try 20"

Treat yourself to our clip ins in 20” when you want to leave others asking, “Wait, what's different about you?”

It's the subtle, not-so-subtle change that will garner all the curiosity, yet leave you feeling still naturally you. 

As seen here in our For Kurls 20” Clip Ins 

For An All Out Transformation - Try 24"

Now, when you're in the mood for a little more dramatic, but of course flawless change, our 24” Clip Ins is what you'll want.

for kurls 24 inch clip ins
For Kurls 24 inches clip ins
As seen here in our For Kurls 24” Clip Ins 
Shop for your perfect texture match and length, here. 
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