bring curls back after heat styling

How to Bring Your Curls Back After Heat Styling

We know you can’t always keep it heat-free. 

The truth is, being natural is having the versatility in embracing all that means to be natural, and that includes the occasional heat styling. So yes, big, curl wanded moments are okay and sometimes, absolutely necessary!

And since we don't believe in regrets, we've got an easy, effective solution that allows you to relish in your full natural hair journey.

Discover how you can revive your texture and breathe new life into your gorgeous curls, without succumbing to heat damage—ever.


Step 1. Drench your hair in hot water to release the thermal style.

This will allow you to immediately rehydrate your strands.

Step 1 How to bring curls back after heat styling


Step 2. Clarify your hair with Fresh Kept Secret.

The shampoo designed for hair extensions that rinses away product buildup and heat-induced straightness.

Step 2 How to get your curls back from heat styling

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Step 3: Moisturize and hydrate your hair with New Condition.

Our conditioner specially formulated for hair extensions that produces unreal slip. Then use the HD Curl brush™ to detangle and encourage curl reemergence.

Step 3 how to bring your curls back after heat styling

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Step 4. Use the styling products in the Perfect Extensions Kit for Wavy/Curly textures. 

Define your curls until you’ve achieved your desired texture and style.

Then apply our Curl Whipped Texture Defining Mousse (available in our P.E.K. for Wavy/Curly Textures) to smooth it out. 


Step 4 how to bring your curls back after heat styling

P.E.K. wavy curly textures


Step 5. Experience the healthy, hydrated, defined, and revived curls.

 Step 5 how to get your curls back from heat styling


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