One Texture, Two Fall-Ready Styles

One Texture, Two Fall-Ready Styles

Switching up your hairstyling routine as the seasons change is an absolute must, as much as it is fun. It's a must to ensure your curls and coils are properly nourished and maintained through changes in temperature, humidity, and environmental factors that all affect your hair and scalp health.

And, the fun? It comes from experimenting with the versatility of your natural texture. If you have Type 3 texture, our For Koils signature collection for 3B - 3C naturals is a testament to the adaptability and uniqueness of your textured hair. 

This Autumn, try these two fall-ready styles that will show off your absolutely drop-dead 3B-3C curls with two unique looks you can create in three simple steps, each! 


 Style 1: Banded & Beautiful 

For Koils Clip Ins style

Featuring our For Koils 20" Clip Ins

Step 1: Section off the top third of your hair and fashion it into a sleek, double banded pony using small rubber bands. 

Step 1 Banded & Beautiful For Koils clip ins


Step 2: Apply your For Koils Clip Ins until you've achieved your desired length and fullness. Then, take a small section of your hair and wrap it around the base of your pony. 

Step 2 Banded and beautiful for koils


Step 3: Look and feel uniquely, wonderfully beautiful. 

Step 3 Banded and beautiful For Koils clip ins


Style 2: Class Rod Set 

Classic Rod Set with For koils clip ins

Featuring our For Koils 20" Clip Ins 


Step 1: Apply your For Koils Clip Ins until you've achieved your desired length and fullness. 

For Koils Clip Ins


Step 2: Apply curl rods to your entire head. Then spray your hair with Primestyle before letting it completely dry. 

Rod Set Curls


Step 3: Remove rods and fluff out your curls. 

Rod Set curls


Now, it's time to show how the world just how versatile your unique texture can be! 

classic rod set with for koils clip ins


Shop our For Koils Clip Ins here, available in 16", 20" and 24".

For Koils Clip Ins


To make your curls and coils go the distance throughout every season, you'll need the right styling products, formulated just for hair extensions that will protect your strands. Shop our Perfect Extensions Kit for wavy/curly textures; your coils/curls will thank you for it. Our Wavy/Curly Kit includes:

  • Fresh Kept Secret Shampoo
  • New Condition Conditioner 
  • Primestyle Multi-benefit Style Perfecter 
  • Curl Whipped Texture Defining Mousse 


Wavy Curly Kit

And, know what the best compliment to our P.E.K kits are? Our dual-sided, multi-tasking detangling and defining brush, High Definition Curlbrush. Take a look how our revolutionary brush design can transform any texture, in minutes. 

HD curlbrush




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