Easy, Five Minute (or Less!) Hairstyles for Natural Hair

Easy, Five Minute (or Less!) Hairstyles for Natural Hair

Your time is valuable. So achieving natural hairstyles that meet your standards without the fuss is an absolute must. Showing up with the space to stay present and feel your best takes intention, but we don´t believe it needs to interrupt your flow or diminish your glow.

And, we are here to tell you that you have flawless options when it comes to creating stunning hairstyles for natural hair that is not only easy, but creative and suitable for any occasion. Scroll down to read more about four of our favorite under five looks that are 10/10! 

Style 1: Can’t Beat This Bun

for kurls ponytail

Featuring our For Kurls 18" Drawstring Ponytail (Everyday Full) 

Ponytail hairstyles are one of the easiest hairstyles that give you endless creative versatility. Our selection of human hair ponytail extensions, including curly ponytail extensions and blow out ponytail extensions, will give you styling options for days with complete ease.

This Top Knot & Twist look for example was created with our For Kurls Drawstring Ponytail. In just 5 mins, simply attach your drawstring ponytail, swoop into a sleek bun and earn points for added polish with twists in the front. And if you´re longing for more length or volume, try experimenting with our Ultra Full Ponytail and choose from 12”, 18” or 24” texture-matched for all natural hair types from 3B to 4C hair.

Shop our ponytail collection here. 


Style 2: One-Step Wonder For Flawless Curls

for kurls headband wig

Featuring our For Kurls 24" Headband Wig 

When it comes to easy, protective styles, adjustable headband wigs are the ultimate way to achieve elevated versatility. Whether you're after the luscious curls of a curly headband wig or another texture, our full cap wig with adjustable straps and 4 combs has the most secure and full coverage protection with easy, on-and-off convenience. This look defines maximum curl definition with complete ease.

Watch the step-by-step tutorial of this easy, 5 min headband wig style for textured hair here.


Style 3: Flipped in Five

Flip Over Method

Featuring our For Kurls 20" Clip Ins

Here´s an unexpected 5 min style for you! The Flip-Over Method with our natural hair clip ins offers a creative twist on the traditional sew-in technique. It provides the same protective style versatility you'd expect from a conventional sew-in, but without the need for glue or sewing.

This quick flip over hairstyle will give full volume and bounce of flip-over curly hair, providing you with the ultimate versatility to effortlessly switch between various styles, lengths, and textures. Plus, you´ll have little to no leave out with this method! 

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Style 4: Half n´ Half

flip over method hairstyle

Featuring our For Kurls 20" Clip Ins 

Now, skip the guesswork by quickly gathering your curls to transform your protective flip-over style in moments. Combining half-up and half-down curls means you don't have to choose between styles, and you´ve achieved in less than 5 mins!


Finally, products that make styling effortless requires the right styling products. Your quick, five min hairstyles become more effortless when you have the right styling products that can help you achieve your desired look in less time. Our Perfect Hair Extensions Kits, texture-tailored for all natural hair textures are essential styling products that will transform your morning hair routine to elevate your effortless 5-min hairstyles.

Find your texture-tailored Perfect Extensions Kit here:

perfect extensions kit

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