Style Tutorial: A Double Twisted Twist Out

Style Tutorial: A Double Twisted Twist Out

If there´s one protective style every natural girl must master, it´s the twist out. Its low maintenance doesn´t mean the look lacks any style and creativity.

We´re here to tell you, a twist out can pack a lot of style with a whole lot of juicy curl definition, too. 

Here´s a new take on a twist out that will have you falling in love all over again with this classic protective style. 

We call it the Layered Twist Out. It´s your gorgeousness, elevated. 


Step1: Separate Your Clip Ins 

Just a quick fluff will do.  

for kurls 20 in clip ins

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Step 2: Prep time with our Primestyle

The Primestyle is our multi-benefit style perfecter available in our Perfect Extensions Kit for Straight and Wavy/Curly textures. 


primestyle style perfecter


Step 3: Run a blow dryer through your hair for smoother twists. 

twist out tutorial


Step 4: Section and set twists with Curl Whipped Mousse.

Brush through for even distribution and twist. Our Curl Whipped Curl Defining Mousse really is the secret ingredient to getting the perfect curl definition in your twist outs. 

curl whipped mousse

Curl Whipped Mousse is available in our P.E.K. for Wavy/Curly Textures


Step 5: Twist and blend. 

It really is this simple! Give a spritz of the Primestyle again before twisting each section. 

twist out tutorial


And, voila! Bask in the look of your flawless twist out. 

Twist Out


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