DIY Quick Install with No Leave Out: The Crochet Method with Clip Ins

DIY Quick Install with No Leave Out: The Crochet Method with Clip Ins

We’ve doubled the protective power in one style with this latest tutorial featuring a partial crochet and Clip-In addition to keep your natural hair fully concealed without the worry of blending.The crochet and clip-ins method lets you explore new textures and save time making this an easy do-it-yourself method that blends with any and every curl pattern.

Let's break it down for you with six simple steps to achieve that perfect crochet and clip-in hairstyle. For this look, we're using our new Soft Spiral Clip-Ins, but you can experiment with any texture of clip-ins for endless styling possibilities.


Step 1: On pre-cornrowed hair, layer in your Soft Spiral Clip-Ins, starting from the nape of your neck and working forward.

the crochet method


Step 2: Finish your front section with a quick crochet to cover your crown’s natural hair.

 no leave out crochet method

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Step 3: Part perfection with an undetectable installation.

 quick install method


Step 4: Mist your hair to prep for curl styling.

 crochet method install


Step 5: This is *the* curly combo: use Curl Whipped Mousse available in our Perfect Extensions Kit for Wavy/Curly textures and the HD Curl Brush for smooth detangling.

 curl whipped mousse


Step 6: Put your best curl forward, with glossy definition.

 crochet method clip ins


Step 7: Is just stepping out with your gorgeous curls with moisture, bounce, and a fully protective blend.

 quick install method

Get ready to experience the Crochet Method – the perfect DIY install method for every texture. Say goodbye to those endless hours in the salon chair and welcome a DIY method that guarantees gorgeous, head-turning results. Will you try the Crochet Method with Clip In Wigs today?

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clip in extensions

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