Dive In Confidently: 4 Tips for Swimming with Hair Extensions

Dive In Confidently: 4 Tips for Swimming with Hair Extensions

When it comes to summer style options, your hair doesn’t have to get in the way of any plans. From the pool to the beach and back again, your extensions can protect your natural hair and withstand the elements with the right TLC. We’ve got your top tips for maintaining your post-swim style:

  1. Wear a Swim Cap 

A snug swim cap is a great way to protect your curls from the start and minimize water contact. This is the best option if you plan on fully submerging your hair underwater, but if don’t plan on diving fully in, you can still protect your extensions while keeping it cute by opting for a pineapple instead.




  1. Don’t Dry Out 

Chlorine and saltwater deposits may cause hair to matte and tangle, so we recommend not letting your extensions fully dry after a swim—this will make for easier cleansing and conditioning after.   


  1. Take Care With Cleansing 

After you’ve finished your water activity, saturate your extensions with water to remove all deposits of salt and chlorine, and have a fresh start for shampoo and conditioner. 

Our Fresh Kept Secret ™ Clarifying Shampoo will cleanse your post- pool extensions thoroughly without stripping them or drying them out. 


  1. Detangling is Key 

When it comes to detangling, it comes down to two things, the right brush and the right conditioner. Use a detangling brush with wide enough teeth to prevent snagging while brushing from tip to root in small sections. Use a conditioner with a lot of slip to aid  in the detangling process along with your brush. Once you’ve washed your extensions, condition them again to restore moisture and style as usual from there. 

Our High Definition Curlbrush™ and New Condition™ 3-in-1 Restorative Conditioner are the perfect duo for restoring the life back into your extensions after a day swimming.



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