Blow Out Wig Collection


We love an easily versatile look and the Blow Out Collection is perfect for the girl who wants a natural look but with less kink and curl maintenance! This humidity-resistant hair has the right amount of coarseness and texture, while still remaining soft but durable enough to be washed, curled and straightened over and over again without losing its luster. So now that we’ve assured you that it is ready to keep up with your day-to-day styling, here are four ways that you can style the Blow Out Collection.

B O N E   S T R A I G H T

Get this look: Blow Out Collection 24in (4 bundles)
What you need: Hard-bristle Brush, Flat-iron


  • Avoid using products on the hair, which can result in an oily, stringy look.
  • Use the brush to smooth out the hair before flat-ironing.
  • Flat-iron the hair in 1-inch wide sections.
  • To return to your fuller blow out look, simply wash and blow-dry or air-dry the hair.

F L E X I   R O D   S E T

Get this look: Blow Out Collection 20in, 22in and 24in (3 bundles)
What you need: Spray Bottle, Flexi-rods, Styling Mousse


  • Lightly dampen each section before wrapping the hair around the rods.
  • Start wrapping at the root and work down to the ends.
  • Twist the hair as you wrap the hair around the rod.
  • Gently unravel the hair from each rod in the direction of the curl you created.

H A L O   B R A I D

Get this look: Blow Out Collection Ombré 16in, 18in and 20in(3 bundles) + 16” Lace Closure
What you need: Hairpins, Some Braiding Skills, Patience!


  • Smooth your edges before starting your braid to ensure a clean look.
  • Make a part to the extreme right or left of the head (your choice!) to help create a more dramatic direction for the braid across the forehead.
  • Finish the look with hairspray to set the hair.

S O F T   L O O S E  W A V E S

Get this look: Blow Out Collection 16in, 18in and 20in (3 bundles)
What you need: Curling Iron (Ngozi recommends a 1 1/4-inch iron!), Hairpins


  • Comb out each section before beginning to curl.
  • Pin-curl each section after curling the hair to give it time to set while you work on the next section.
  • Don’t forget to smooth your edges!


Check out our new style tutorial video below where Heat Free Hair founder Ngozi Opara demonstrates how to achieve these super cute styles. Let us know which style is your favorite in the comments below!

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