3 Ways to Embrace the Claw Clip Comeback Trend

3 Ways to Embrace the Claw Clip Comeback Trend

Trends are cyclical. Some, we wish would never make a comeback. While others, we rejoice in their resurgence and try to hold onto to them with our earnest nostalgia. 

The one that´s giving us all the best memories of the ´90s is THE claw clip. Yep, you've probably seen them all over TikTok and on A-list celebs like Dua Lipa bringing new life into this versatile hair accessory.

Well, we've got three creative ways you can use the claw clip to stylishly amplify your texture right now. 


Step1. Part hair down the middle. Then create 2" section in the front. 

Claw Clip Styling Step 1

Pictured here styling with our High Definition Curlbrush

Step 2. Define and slick down the front section. Then secure it to the back using a hair tie. 

Claw Clip Step 2

Step 3. Apply clip ins until you achieve your desired length and fullness. Then pull two curls to the front. 

claw clip step 3

Step 4. Pull hair up in a messy French twist. Then use your claw clip to secure it in place. 

claw clip step 4

Step 5. Now, look effortlessly stunning 

Claw Clip step 5 

Look 2: Half Up, Half Down Clipped In 

Step 1. Follow the steps in Look #1, but remove any clip ins from the crown of your head. 

claw clip style 2 step 1 

Step 2. Pull the top of your hair into a slick pony. Then secure it with your claw clip. 

claw clip style 2 step 2

Step 3. Let your texture do all the talking. 

Claw Clip style 2 step 3


Look 3: All Tucked Away 

Step 1. Take the clip out from Look #2. Then pull hair up into a messy French twist. 

claw clip style 3 step 1

Step 2. Secure it in place with a claw clip. 

claw clip style 3 step 2

 Step 3. Look modern, chic, absolutely gorgeous. 

claw clip style 3 step 3


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