Drawstring Ponytail

12 Ways to Style 1 Drawstring Ponytail

When it comes to protective styles, we all can agree that drawstring ponytails are a go-to because of their low maintenance appeal. However, what truly makes them a must-have in the natural hair universe is their style versatility. Depending on the day (or the woman you want to be that day), you can easily go high, low, sleek, bunned up, or picked out with just one ponytail.

So whether you’re in between trips to the stylist or simply want to elevate your updo, we put together a list of 12 easy ways to style your For Kurls 18" Ultra Full ponytail at home. It's time to live out all of your style goals!

1. The High Puff

This high puff makes for a perfect effortlessly styled look. All of your hair is out of the way making this a must for anything from workouts to kickbacks. After washing your hair, sleek your hair upwards towards the top of your head and create a small, tight bun. Before attaching your ponytail, start to pick it out. After achieving your desired volume, attach your drawstring ponytail to the top of your bun. Once its secured, fluff, and adjust some more, and you're good to go!

2. The High Bun-Faux Bang 

This style is definitely for those who like to switch things up without having to commit. If you ever wanted to try bangs but were too scared to touch the sheers, this updo is for you! To get this look, slick back your hair into a top knot bun. Then attach your ponytail to create an even fuller bun. Just remember to leave the ends out facing forward to create your faux bangs. Before you know it, your girls will be asking where you got your hair cut! 

3. The Twisted Ponytail

This style is perfect for adding some dimension to your classic ponytail. After attaching and combing out your drawstring ponytail, section it out and create medium-sized two-strand twists. After you have created the twists, you'll have a beautifully twisted ponytail you can wear anytime, anywhere.

4. The Twisted Bun

If you're looking to change things up but want to keep your ponytail in twists, a low bun is a great way to maximize your look. All you need to do is grab a hair tie and take the twisted strands to create the bun. No matter how small or full the bun is, your ponytail will have beautiful texture and shape to it.

5. The Twisted Out Ponytail

Once you’re ready to let go of those twists, it's time to go longer and fuller! Just carefully take out each twist so you don’t disrupt the new curl pattern you've created. After each twist has been taken out,  gently separate them for volume and blending, and you’ll have completely transformed your look in minutes!  


6.The Sculpted Updo


The style is for those looking for a sophisticated look. This style lets you become an artist when it comes to your ponytail. After placing your ponytail on your slicked up hair, take some bobby pins, and become a hair sculptor. There are no rules to this! You can pin up or pin down desired sections until you get the shape and texture for an elevated finish.

7. The Picked Out Ponytail- Flat Twist crown


The only drama allowed here is in the hair! This picked out ponytail style takes your classic low ponytail up a notch. First, split the crown of your hair down the middle and create two flat twists. Then take the remainder of your hair and create a low tight bun. After your foundation is solid, take your drawstring ponytail and attach it to your bun. Finally, it’s time to pick out and fluff out your ponytail for a full, voluminous look!

8. High Bun -Side Swept Bang

This updo is the perfect love child between The Pineapple and The Faux bang. Once your hair is in a tight top knot, take your ponytail and create a fuller bun while leaving the ends out at a side-swept angle. Now, you're left with a flirty and feminine style to rock at the next virtual brunch or happy hour!

9. The Top Knot

The Top Knot is a must-try when it comes to our drawstring ponytails. For this classic style, it never hurts to go bigger. After brushing up your natural hair to create a high bun, throw on your drawstring ponytail and wrap it around until you get the size and shape you are looking for. Insert some bobby pins and throw on a hair tie and your style is officially secured!

10. The Classic Low Bun

It's time you werked from home! Get ready to look sharp and feel confident on your next zoom call with this style. After attaching your ponytail, take a large hair donut and put your ponytail right through it. Wrap the ponytail around the bun to cover the ends, and brush any flyways down. You’ll then be left with a sleek and chic bun to take on your busy day!

11. The Textured Low Bun

If you're looking for a bun that leans on the natural, textured side, then this style is for you! This bun can be achieved several ways from curl defining, braiding out, or even picking out your ponytail. Once you've decided on the look you want, take the ponytail and attach it to hair. Then all you have to do is take a hair tie and secure your full and textured bun.

12. The Asymmetrical Updo

Last but not least we have The Asymmetrical Updo. Can you say elegant? From date night to wedding night this gorgeous updo will have you ready for any special (socially distant) occasion. After sleeking up your hair into a small tight bun, attach your picked out ponytail to sit facing the angle of your choosing. Then take some bobby pins and mold your ponytail to create the smooth full asymmetrical bun. Throw on some statement earrings and voila! Your look is complete!

 Which look says, YOU?  Explore our ponytail collection to get the look today! 






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