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Wefted Hair VS Clip-ins: How To Know Which Is For You

What we love most about extensions for natural hair is that there are several options to enhance your true texture -- from wigs all the way to ponytails. If you’re new to the world of extensions for natural hair, the countless options can seem overwhelming, which is why we suggest starting with wefted hair or clip-ins. Here's how to decide which option is best for you:


What are Clip-Ins?

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For the woman who doesn’t want to be contained by just one style, clip-ins for natural hair are for you!  These non-committal and versatile extensions help you transform into a new you in minutes! Looking to go fuller or longer? Clip-ins can help you do it all in literally a snap without the assistance of a stylist.

 How To Apply Them?

 How to Apply Clip-ins For Natural Hair

After finding the perfect texture match and length, all you have to do is determine where you want to place the clip-ins on your head. Once you do, take each clip-in by the top of the weft and insert the silicone tipped combs into your hair. Then snap in for security.  

How To Remove Them?

Removal is an absolute breeze with clip-ins. After detangling your extensions, all you have to do is unsnap the clip-ins and carefully remove them from your hair.  

*Bonus*: The simple removal process eliminates the need for an evening routine.

How To Care For Them?

Like your natural hair, you can wash and condition the clip-ins and apply a leave-in creme to define your curls.

Styling Benefit?


Extensions are often used for adding length to one's hair, but for those who are satisfied with their natural length, they can enjoy experimenting with volume. When you find the right texture match, you can enhance the fullness of your curls without anyone knowing they are not yours.   

They also work well for when the social calendar gets hectic and you’re double booked.  So if you made brunch and dinner plans you can switch up your look to fit the mood. Just snap and style!


What Is Wefted Hair?

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For the woman that looks for consistency and balance, wefted hair is the product for you!  Also known as "sew-ins" or "weaves", this product is considered one of the classic hair extensions. Once installed, this look is perfect for the get-up and go lifestyle. You can get creative with the length and volume while also enjoying different coverage options.

 How To Apply Them?

Wefted Hair is ideal because once installed, your look is complete!  After establishing your texture and length match, decide on whether or not you want full or partial coverage. Then you or your stylist can stitch in the wefts to create your dream look!

How To Care For Them?


After washing and styling your extensions with a definer, every few days, just refresh the curls with a mister and leave-in and your style is good as new! This low maintenance protective style can be flaunted in the daytime and easily prepped for bedtime. A pineapple, twist outs, or satin scarf are all perfect for your wefted hair evening routine!

Style Benefit?


This look truly lets you roam free when it comes to styling. You can customize the length and volume of your style while also enjoying the coverage options. For a more natural look, you can style your hair to where your natural hair is partially left out on the front. You can choose how much hair you’d like to leave out from your crown to your edges.   


For the more protective option, you can go with the full coverage approach. Once you add a closure,  all of your natural curls can be neatly tucked away and protected in peace.


If you do decide to experiment, the styling options are endless! Once installed, you can wear your hair up, down, half up - half down, etc. without anyone being able to see where your extensions begin and end!


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