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Untraceable: 4 Tips on Blending in Your Extensions

When wearing extensions regularly or trying them out for the first time, you most likely have one end goal in mind: to blend them seamlessly with your natural hair. Although we love our Kurly, Koily, and Kinky extensions, we’d rather keep it as our little secret. We’ve discovered 4 methods to do just that! Here are some must-try tips for making your extension look perfectly natural: 

 1. Find Your True Texture.

For Kurls 20" Clip-ins

When blending your natural hair with extensions and opting to wear “leave-out”( clip-ins, u-parts, ponytails, etc.), it’s very important to select a texture that closely matches your own and is 100% virgin hair.

Learning to identify your unique curl pattern will help you to find the best match and position you for the perfect blend. When your extensions compliment your natural hair, you’re eliminating any lines of demarcation while creating continuity between your curls and extensions. Take our True You Quiz to find your perfect texture match!

2. Detangle.

 For Koils Collection 24”  Wefted Hair

When styling your natural hair detangling is a must, and the same applies to your extensions.

When hair extensions are tangled, it becomes obvious that you are wearing them. Removing any knotted hair allows you to have more control over the appearance of your extensions. This prevents matting and shedding for a flawless natural look.

 3. Moisturize.

For Kurls Wefted Hair

Once you find the perfect texture match be sure to keep your extensions and natural hair hydrated. It is imperative that you do this on both your natural hair underneath and your extensions. When both are properly hydrated (washed, deep conditioned etc.), you establish cohesion between how they look and feel. Making it easier to style and blend your hair seamlessly. Remember to care for your extensions exactly as you would care for your own natural hair.

When styling our Heat Free hair extensions with your natural hair, we recommend curl clumping to make the curls pop! You can use your favorite moisturizing curl defining gel or mousse and comb through the hair with a Denman brush or tangle teezer. This will also help with blending

Watch how our founder Ngozi, curl clumps her extensions here.

 4. Be Consistent With Your Style Technique.

 For Kurls U-Part Empress Wig

What’s most exciting about wearing extensions is the freedom to experiment with different looks. Whether you decide to curl-wand, twist out, or straighten your extensions be sure to do the same (when not wearing a closure) to your natural hair. When your natural hair is layered on top of your extensions, make sure you style them the same. Don’t cut corners. Once your extensions are styled, fluff up, comb through, or touch up your natural hair to reinforce the blend.

Hope you’ll find these tips helpful! Shop here to find your next seamless look!

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