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Best Nighttime Routines for Your Natural Hair Extensions

There's nothing like changing up your look with natural hair extensions. As soon as you’ve completed your install, you truly feel invincible. That is... until it’s time for bed. That fear of what your curls could look like the morning after a good night's sleep is one that haunts us all. But fear not! It's possible to preserve your kinky curly extensions even in your sleep.

Here are some of our go-to nighttime routines for maximizing your curly extensions:

*Heat Free Hair Tip * To achieve the best results for these methods, make sure your extensions are detangled and dry to avoid matting and breakage.

 1.The Pineapple Method

Caring For Kinky-Curly Hair Extensions

(Credit: Loza Tam)

The pineapple method could be considered the holy grail for curl preservation. Positioning your hair so that the ends are facing upwards in a "pineapple" helps with reducing friction on your extensions. Less friction means less frizz. Using a satin scarf to stabilize your pineapple helps with protecting your edges and maintaining curl definition. A satin scarf is also a more stylish approach to taking care of your kinky curly extensions. Who says you can't look and feel good in your sleep?

2. The Bonnet

How to care for natural hair extensions at night

(Credit: Qfitt)

Classics are classics and for generations, satin bonnets have been a go-to for evening protection. Wearing a satin bonnet helps with maintaining moisture, shine, and of course your curls! The varied sizes and adjustable bands help you protect your extensions at all lengths and volumes. So if you want to secure your curls this is the method for you!


3. Satin Pillowcase

Satin Pillows To Care For Natural Hair Extensions

(Credit: Amazon)

If you like to keep it simple, sleeping with a satin pillowcase is the option for you! Kinky curly extensions are fragile and sleeping with a cotton pillowcase can cause breakage, and strip your hair of essential oils. A satin pillowcase does the opposite. It coats your hair with protection because it reduces frizz and locks in moisture.  This low maintenance method will help you fall asleep knowing that bedhead is not waiting for you in the morning.

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