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Love Letters: Why We Love 4C Hair

Words that are used to describe the natural hair experience can include beautiful, empowering, and unique. The list goes on and on. To describe our natural hair is as beautiful and complex as our every Kurl, Kink, and Koil. Being part of this community has allowed us all the opportunity to learn, teach, admire and inspire one another to embrace the nature and qualities in of all of our textures.

4C curls, for instance, are versatile in so many ways. They are malleable, voluminous, and the masters of optical illusions (thanks to shrinkage). They are curls worth celebrating, honoring, and loving on. Which is why we wanted to write a love letter to our kinkier curls with the help of some of our favorite Heat Free Hair customers. Read how our 4C ladies celebrate their textures:

 1. Comfort- Employment Law Solicitor, England


HFH: How long have you been natural?

C: I have embraced my natural hair most of my life. I briefly permed my hair in my teenage years but didn't like it. I cut my hair every 2 years and get trims regularly.

HFH: What helped you fall in love with your hair?

C: I’ve always been in love with my hair. I grew up in a town in Nigeria where almost every woman around me embraced their beautiful natural hair. I have never had any reason to fall out of love with my beautiful kinky hair - I was born with it!

HFH: What’s Your Favorite 4C Hairstyle?

My favorite style is to simply comb my hair and let it ’FRO. It gives me a type of confidence I can't explain. A beautiful powerful statement.

HFH: Whose 4C hair do you love and why?

C: I love my mum’s and my grandmother’s afro because they taught me how to take care of mine by embracing theirs and rocking it so beautifully. They influenced me.


(Comfort and her mother)


2.Rachel- Biologist-Nursing Student, Albany, NY


HFH: How long have you been natural?

R: 12 years.

HFH: What helped you fall in love with your 4C hair texture?

R: Realizing that my hair loves moisture and seeing the amazing curl pattern.

HFH: What’s your favorite 4C hairstyle?

R: A bun -- it’s simple and very quick to do.

HFH: Whose 4C hair do you love and why?

R: Teyonah Parris. For as long as I can remember before natural hair became a thing on the red carpet, Ms. Parris was on the red carpet rocking her 4C hair. She always looked elegant. Doing this empowered other celebrities and helped to promote the idea that natural hair is red carpet ready or “professional”.

(Teyonah Parris in our For Kinks Empress Wig,  twisted out)


3. Christina- Multimedia Specialist, Haiti


HFH: How long have you been natural?

C: 7 years.

 HFH: What’s your favorite 4C hairstyle?

C: In Haitian Creole, it's called "Ti Kouri". It's cornrows but I like them loose as I'm tender headed. 

HFH: Whose 4C hair do you love and why?

C: Teyonah Parris, Laila (Fusions of Culture on Youtube), and @iknowleee. 

Photo: @iknowleee 

Sending love to all our 4C ladies out there! Click here to shop your favorite For Kinks look!

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