Twist Out

How to Style the Perfect Twist Out

What makes kinky-curly extensions unique is that there are a plethora of ways to style them. From wash-and-gos to blowouts, the options are endless! As fellow naturals, we enjoy switching up the style of our curls and twist outs are a team favorite! This technique is a classic because it’s an easy way to define your curls while giving them some extra stretch. Achieving that elongated s-curl on your extensions can be simple but there are steps you need to take in to get the best results. 

Here are are the best tips to master perfect twist out :

1. Moisturize for definition.



The best time to style your twist out is when your hair is moisturized. When styling kinky curly extensions, your curls can hold a tighter shape when hydrated. As you go through every section of your extensions, be sure to evenly distribute your leave-in or curl defining creme on your damp hair to secure the definition.


2. Take them out when they are (actually) dry.


Patience is a virtue, and the same applies to your twist outs. When it's time to unravel your gorgeous twists, make sure they are dry. If you take them out too early, you put yourself at risk for frizz and loss of definition. There is nothing more devastating than putting in the work to twist your hair just to take them out prematurely. To make sure your twists are fully dry, keep them in for hours (preferably overnight). When it's time to take them out, take a diffuser or blow dryer, place it on "cool" and go through each section to ensure they are completely dry.  

3. Adjust accordingly.


After making sure your twists are dry, adjust your hair to achieve your desired look. For blending, gently separate your loose strands to create smoother blends and remove lines of demarcation. For volume, give your twists a shake or take a wide-tooth comb to lift the curls from your root. The options are endless!

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