Black Lives Matter

How to Keep the Momentum for Justice #BLM

These past few weeks have been nothing short of challenging. The current state of this country is dire, and as a black-owned and operated business, the senseless killings of black lives hits deeper than home. To say that this week has tested us mentally and spiritually is an understatement. From consuming the news and “showing up” to the office, to having difficult conversations with our children-- all while dealing with a global pandemic. 

As we continue to try to push through this, at some point, you've probably wrestled with the question, "Am I doing enough to help?". The first thing we want to tell you is to take a deep breath, pause, and give yourself some compassion. 

Everyone's form of protest looks different. Whether it's having difficult conversations with colleagues at the office, sharing community resources, or donating to a cause. No matter what your activism looks like, we all have the same end goal, and that's something to be hopeful about.  

As we continue to push forward, our team came together to share a list of organizations to support in the fight to transform policing and justice in America: 

1. Black Lives Matter 


The official Black Lives Matter site is a great source to learn how to take action to help fight against the unjust killings of black people at the hands of police. They have resources and updated information on cases around the country. Learn more about how to support their cause here.

2. Grassroots Law Project


The Grassroots Law Project is an organization whose focus is to bridge the gap between grassroots organizing and legal expertise in criminal justice reform. After launching this year, they have been bringing awareness to millions about injustices in the justice system, holding entities accountable, and advocating for real structural change. Learn more about their work here.


3. The National Bail Fund


The National Bail Fund Network is an organization that helps to provide bail in cities and counties all over the country. They are available to assist with coordination and funding to those who have been arrested. Click here to learn more about this fund.

We know that this movement is not a trend. We know that there is much more work that needs to be done. We know that this is a marathon, not a sprint. This is why we must continue to speak out, share, and support one another in the ways we can in order to move towards a future where justice and peace serve us ALL.

To our beloved community of beautiful black mothers, wives, daughters, sisters, and friends, we see you, we are with you, and we love you. 


Sending love and light,

The Heat Free Hair Team


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