Spring Natural Hairstyles

Expert Approved: 3 Styles Naturals Will be Wearing This Spring

Staying inside doesn’t mean losing your style. Now that spring has sprung, it’s time to explore new natural hair trends from home.  Whether it’s for your next virtual happy hour, FaceTime date, or catch up with the girls, it’s time to master your next Heat Free Hair look!

Looking for some inspiration? No worries! We brought some help from expert stylist, Quarita Futrell! 

Futrell is a DC-based, curly/textured hair expert with 14 years in this industry. She took some time to share some of her favorite spring styles to recreate at home using Heat Free Hair:

Style 1: Braided Pony



QF: “I like it because it can be a super casual look yet so sophisticated!

Quarita's Pro-tips:

1. Blow-dry your hair smoothly using a heat protectant. 

2. Create a part (center or deep side).

3. Use gel and a flat brush to create a nice slick ponytail. 

4. Pre-braid your Heat Free Hair drawstring ponytail (leave out a small section of hair).

5. Attach your braided Heat Free Hair ponytail to your natural ponytail. Wrap the free section of hair around the base of the ponytail to add a seamless look, pin it, & spray!

Style 2: The Effortless Purposeful Pony


QF: “I love it because it’s so modern and carefree yet intentional.”

Quarita's Pro-tips:

1. Blow-dry hair smooth.

2. Use a hair or "freeze" spray to control your natural hair into a ponytail.

3. Attach your Heat Free Hair drawstring ponytail.

4. Create "barely there" beach waves and then piece them out to create a natural blended effect.

5. Use edge control to detail your hairline.

Style 3 Plushy Hair Designs:

Photo: @kellyrowland


QF: “I love it because Curly Hair Designs a.k.a. wigs will allow the client to have the ability to explore endless hairstyle options all while preserving their natural hair “

Quarita's Pro-tips: 

1. Virtually consult with a hair care specialist to get your new design created using Heat Free Hair.

2. Have your stylist go over the entire process with you virtually. Be sure to choose what’s appropriate for your lifestyle.

4. The cut is everything, so be sure to go over the specifications of the desired shape!

5. Your stylist will create a custom design based on your consultation. She would then virtually preview it for you before shipping it. Once your design arrives, have your stylist will perform a virtual application with you.

 Love what you see? Before you create your new look at home, we wanted to leave you with Quarita's go-to hair mantra for some added inspiration:

“Live to be transformative with your look.”

Happy Styling!

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