Curl Gratitude

Expressing gratitude is a gentle yet powerful act. As we are in the season of gratitude, it’s important to reflect on the unique qualities that make us who we are. Including our beautiful, natural textures. Our Heat Free Hair customers shared with us what they appreciate most about their curls. Here’s what they had to say:


1. Rachel


"I love how one day my hair is in cute little tamed ringlets and as wild and free as a lion the next. It’s the best of both worlds.​"


2. Pheto


"My real hair is beautiful and it took me a while to appreciate and understand it. I’m now starting to realize how much I can do with it."


3. Katrina


"One morning, I just woke up and decided to do the big chop.​I didn’t put much thought into it...​There are no words for the strength I feel when I look in the mirror and appreciate my hair!​"


4. Comfort


 "I’ve always been in love with my hair. I have never had any reason to fall out of love with my beautiful kinky hair - I was born with it!​"


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