Clip-Ins for Naturals

Clip-in Extensions for Traveling Naturals

Warmer weather is officially here! That means it's time to squeeze in a vacation if you haven't yet. Time to consider where to go, who to go with, and what to pack. Another thing we may think about while planning for a trip is how to have our hair done. Lucky for you, we have the answer for your travel hair needs! Here are three reasons why clip-ins make the best travel companions:

1. Easy Install

(Pictured: For Koils Collection 24” Clip-ins)

Clip-ins are a low maintenance way to enhance your hair’s beauty. They practically take no time to style. If you have a long itinerary of things to do during your trip, getting ready is made easy with clip-ins. Once you have a hairstyle in mind, you can easily snap those wefts in and you are ready to go. And believe us, there is no better feeling than knowing your hair won’t be holding you up.

2. Versatility

(Pictured: For Kurls Collection 24” Clip-Ins)

With clip-ins, you don’t have to worry about committing to one hairstyle for the duration of your trip. You can land in a new city with shoulder length curls and rock long goddess tresses the next day. You can also change your looks from day to night. You can rock faux bangs for sightseeing during the day and switch over to a long sleek ponytail by dinnertime. For whatever events you have lined up, clip-ins won’t let you down.

3. Travel Well

(Pictured:  For Kurls Collection 16” and 18” Clip- Ins)

If you are someone who enjoys traveling light, you can enjoy how clip-ins travel. They won’t take up much luggage space and if properly stored, they will not get damaged. Whether you pack them away in your carry-on or wear them on flight, they will be one less thing to think about while traveling.

Convinced yet? Feel free to try any of our clip- ins for your next trip.

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